Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Uncut by Betty Womack

Uncut by Betty Womack

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



FBI agent Lana Pearly is shocked when Sam Horn is sent to head up the dangerous mission she has been assigned to, the man she has tried to forget after their passionate one night stand two years earlier. She has her life planned out and losing her job over an indiscretion just can't happen.

But the flame still burns, no matter how she denies it, and Sam isn't about to let it die. Not after searching for her when she ducked out and left him without a word. Facing extreme danger and life threatening conditions, they know nothing can separate them again.

Mary’s Review

FBI Agent Lana Pearly has never forgotten about the man. The one man who she threw caution to the wind and had a memorable one night stand. The one man who she thought would never see again but fate has a way of turning on her. Sam Horn is definitely a man no woman should forget in her life. That one night Lana knew ecstasy like she has never felt before and it scared her. Something about Sam during that night made her see that her whole life is centered on work leaving no time for fun. Seeing him again is making her see that right now is the time to let loose but can she really do it. The case they’re both on requires all her attention but can she do it when her partner is Horn. Can she solve the case without her heart and body getting in the way?

One night...that is all FBI Agent Sam Horn had with the woman who has turned his life upside down. One night with a woman that has made her unforgettable with her kisses and passion. It was a night of sex and passion yet somehow that woman, Lana Pearly got under his skin like no other woman. Seeing her again he was determined to not let passion overrule him but fate has a way of biting him in the rear. Working on a case with her was no problem but being in the same room with her without kissing her is torture. He knows the passion is still there but he wants more out of her. What started out as a game to get the evil villain is turning on to be something more than he bargained for? Can he work with Lana knowing that he wants more than sex with her this time?

This is the first I have read from this author and won’t be the last. As an FBI Agent these two were great trying to deny their attraction. I loved reading how these two kept denying their attraction yet at every chance they kissed. Now man the sex between them was hot had to get a glass of ice each time. These two were great and the story line was easy to read as they try to survive. This is definitely a great book by this author and I can’t wait for more from this talented author.

4 Tea Cups!

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