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Review: Angelic Surrender by Crista McHugh

Angelic Surrender (Kavanaugh Foundation, #2) by Crista McHugh

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Heaven doesn’t want him. Hell is afraid of him. She can see right through him…

If the abrupt appearance of Will Vassago on her couch is any indication, knowledge of Anjali’s rare ability to see past demons’ disguising glamours has spread far beyond the Foundation. One thing that hasn’t changed since she accidentally touched him two years ago—his unnerving affect on her hormones.

Officially, Vassago needs Anjali’s help to find an escaped Skinwalker demon. He’s also got some not-so-official plans for their down time, but if her sensitive gift reveals who he really is—a fallen angel—any chance to fan the embers of desire between them will be lost.

Anjali tries to get their assignment over with before she loses control entirely. With every encounter, the unquenchable fire in her body burns hotter. And Vassago is startled to realize when he almost loses her to the rifts of Hell he has already lost his heart.

Then they discover the Skinwalker is only the tip of the iceberg. If they can’t get a lid on the situation, Manhattan will suffer a fate worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and not even Vassago’s celestial sword will protect Anjali from the Angel of Death.

Warning: Contains an OCD demon hunter, a naughty angel with voyeuristic tendencies, bedtime wrestling over who gets to be on top and a very inappropriately used sari.

Yadkny’s Review

Anjali is a demon hunter gifted with a second sight, which makes her perfect for the job. Her job may be a dirty one, but her house most certainly is not and that’s what OCD can do for you. Anjali’s rare abilities have captured the attention of a Fallen, who wants her to partner with him in capturing an escaped demon. Problem is if every other woman can’t help but stare at this gorgeous, arrogant hunk, then how is she expected to work with him and keep it strictly professional.

Will Vassago has been watching Anjali for a couple of years now and although he won’t admit it to himself, he’s grown quite fond of both her and her quirks. Before he realizes it, she’s turned him into someone with feelings. God, the Devil, Skinwalker demons, the Angel of Death, and a psychotic vampire-witch all stand in their way to exploring what lies beyond their business arrangement, but that’s just all in a day’s work for these two.

This is book two in the Kavanaugh Foundation series and the plot definitely thickens up more in this book. We not only find out more about the Foundation and the personalities behind running it, but also some major evildoers start coming out of the woodwork. And these are the kind of evildoers that don’t kill easily.

What I found interesting was the strong representation of both God and the Devil in this story. In some ways it looked as though God was not so merciful and the one to be feared while the Devil kind of came off looking like one of the good guys. Someone you want on your team and for the plotline of this story, it was not only necessary but it worked. Don’t get me wrong this is not about religion in any way. These two simply play characters that add more depth to the story.

The storyline was excellent and filled with just enough mystery to keep me coming back for the third installment. The action starts from page one and doesn’t stop until the end.

Recommended reading for those seeking a paranormal romance about redemption and acceptance with some major kick-butt demon fighting along the way.

4 Tea Cups!

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