Friday, October 8, 2010

Review: Elopement for One by Fleeta Cummingham

Elopement for One by Fleeta Cummingham

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The Santa Rita Series

The hour comes, the crowd awaits, and the groom impatiently stands at the altar, but Troy chooses not to attend the wedding – and she’s the bride!

Leaving behind the elaborate wedding along with a glittering solitaire, Troy flees a future tainted by her fear of the man she promised to marry. Childhood friend Zach stands waiting to help her escape…but answers her thanks with a stern warning:

“You leap into things, never think about the consequences, and then find you can’t get out of the mess. But, little girl, I promise this is the last time I’ll ride to your rescue.” Zach loves this beautiful girl, but he’s been getting her out of trouble most of her life. He’s had enough of her escapades.

Troy suspects she feels more than friendship for her childhood hero. In turning to him this time, she could lose him forever.

Lena’s Review

It is the wedding of the year for the elite and one that Troy is dreading. She thought she was in love with her fiancé but something happened. Troy found a side of him she didn’t like and now is her chance to change it. She knows she is doing the right thing but everyone around her say it’s just typical Troy wanting attention. All her life she has been the hellcat always getting into trouble but something feels different this time. She has no idea what will happen but somehow her best friend’s brother comes to the rescue. Something about Zach makes her feel safe and cherished. She knows it is wrong to feel this way but somehow with Zach she knows everything will be alright. Or will it?

Zach is not your usual friend. Yes, he always comes to the rescue but he does it in hopes that the woman he loves will realize her true feelings towards him. Yet Troy is not just any woman but from the other side of tracks. As a small town lawyer he knows the pros and cons in a relationship with Troy. The biggest pro of course is real love towards her but the con is her background. He’s always seen a side of recklessness in Troy but never her loving side until now. Somehow she has come to mean so much to him it’s hard to imagine a life without her. Zach will do anything he can to keep her safe even if it means putting his heart on the line. Can he prove to Troy that with him by her side anything is possible?

Fleeta has done it again for this reviewer in Troy and Zach. I loved that everybody sees Troy as a shallow, reckless debutante but never the real Troy. Now Zach is definitely the right man for her willing to do anything to see her safety. Fleeta did a beautiful job in creating such a monstrous and evil man like her fiancé. Zach and Troy are so perfect for each other and the secondary characters like the people in Sarita are a hoot to read about. Loved it!

4 Tea Cups!

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