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Review: Black and Blue by Renee DeMarcus

Black and Blue by Renee DeMarcus

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Kat Chastain sings for a living--sexy, sultry, come-hither songs that have her nearly masturbating on the stage for her audience. It's the gig, it's what she does. It doesn't make her a whore.

Derek Black, in love with Kat from afar, responds to her come-on fondlings like nobody's business. New hired as her body guard, he knows Kat is off limits. And even though she's too wild for him, he thinks, he's definitely considering testing that "off limits" rule.

Denise’s Review

Black and Blue. And who knows which is which, or who is who?

This story had a lot of promise. You have Kat Chastain and Derek Black; she’s a sultry singer who often gets her audience hot and bothered by the physical aspect of her act. It’s gotten to the point where the other band members have hired a body guard to ensure her safety during their performances. Enter Derek Black, a man who has been in love with Kat since college. Derek’s not without his own problems; he has a teenage brother who defies his authority at every turn. Though Derek knows, as a body guard, Kat is technically off limits, it’s so hard saying no when she keeps saying yes.

I really liked the way in which “Black and Blue” challenges conventions. Kat did all the chasing, and though Derek wasn’t too hard to catch, she enjoyed a rowdy reputation that seemingly opposed her personality. I wondered, more than once, if her last name “Chastain” was a play on the word “chaste” to make her a full out walking contradiction (according to Google, Chastain means a chestnut tree, so I was way off). Derek is not immune, by any means, but maintains a leveler head with his parent-like responsibilities.

I would rate this novella higher were it not for the melodramatic misunderstanding thrust toward the end. This is one of those instances where one character completely overreacted without even pausing, and a simple conversation could have easily explained everything. Forced conflict completely throws me out, and I had trouble getting back in.

However, the sex scenes are incredibly hot and I really liked the character of Derek’s brother, Ty. Anyone looking for a sizzling read will likely not be disappointed.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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