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Review: Comes An Outlaw by Rie McGaha

Comes An Outlaw by Rie McGaha

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Jacob Dobbs is alive.

That surprises him quite a bit since he's been shot several times and he's lost a lot of blood. His brother Luke wasn't as lucky, and as much as Jake hated to, in order to save his own life he had to leave Luke's body laying on the ground.

Now he's back at his cabin in the mountains of Montana and he's hoping to be able to heal up so he can go back and exact a little revenge, not to mention get back the five thousand dollars stolen from Luke. He knows exactly where to go -- Ebenezer Franklin is a big fish in a little pond and has the whole town in his pocket, but that doesn't deter Jake.

He'll either even the score or die trying. Or so he thinks . . . until he meets Franklin's niece and she proceeds to complicate his life unfairly.

Kris' Review

Any reader looking for a great romantic western will not be disappointed with this book. I know I was not. Ms. McGaha creates a wonderful story with richly well-developed lovable characters. She captures the period of ‘after the War between the states’ with vivid accuracy and memorable moments. The book starts fast-paced with a shootout and never slows down.

Wealthy parents in Boston raised Julia Franklin and left her a considerable amount of money when they died. Forced to move to Lincoln, Montana and live with her miserable uncle Ebenezer Franklin, Julia is out of her realm. Since she is still a minor, her uncle controls her trust fund until she is twenty-one or married. Montana is an entirely different world to her. Living on a ranch with smelly cows and sweaty cowhands is not the ideal life for Julia.

Jake and Luke Dobbs have a small cabin not far from Lincoln. One fateful night in Lincoln, Luke gets himself into a shootout over a poker game claiming he lost $5000.00 because another man cheated. Luke and Jake are both shot numerous times, as they flee. Finally, Luke tells Jake to leave him there and get away before they both die.

Believing that Ebenezer Franklin is responsible for Luke’s death, Jake kidnaps Julia for the $5000 ransom. When the hostage explains to her kidnapper that Luke is not dead but in jail, Jake finds himself in a conundrum. While Julia is with Jake in the cabin, the attraction is apparent. Nevertheless, he knows that he has to do the right thing. They head to town where he breaks Luke out of jail, and dutifully returns Julia to her uncle. Now a wanted man for breaking Luke out of jail and for kidnapping Julia, Jake convinces Luke to leave town. The brothers head for parts unknown to start a new life.

When the news that Ebenezer has sold Julia to an Englishman, for $10,000 and that his men are taking her by stagecoach to Sacramento, reaches Jake he has to another serious decision. Does he let the woman he loves get married to a man more her class, or does the outlaw go after her and fight for her?

With the fast-paced action of a western, and a side of romance, this book is one heck of a ride. A ride that I believe is definitely worth taking. ‘Comes an Outlaw’ earns five Tea Cups and a rating as a recommended read.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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Rie McGaha said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Comes An Outlaw. I'm just thrilled!

Rie McGaha


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