Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Destiny by Victoria Gray

Destiny by Victoria Gray

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Emma Davenport was going to be a bride, and no one was going to stop her, not even an outlaw. Bound for a forbidden marriage, her scheme shatters when she is abducted and spirited away to a remote hideout. Any proper young woman would be frightened out of her wits, but she challenges her daring, seductive captor at every turn.

Major Jack Travis was used to the battlefield, not stealing spoiled, sheltered women from trains, but his orders have come from one of the most powerful men in Washington. The by-the-book soldier never doubted his ability to carry out orders until he laid eyes on Emma. His captive is intelligent, headstrong, beautiful – and forbidden. He risks his neck to protect her from the treacherous rake she’d planned to marry. But how can he protect her from himself?

Clare’s Review

Senator's daughter Emma Davenport is kidnapped off the train on her way to her wedding, by Jack Travis, whom she believes to be nothing more than an outlaw, scoundrel and barbarian. Jack, however, is far more handsome than he should be for a man of such low repute, and swears to protect her from the very man she insists she needs. As the days go past, her opinion changes. Jack leaves her hot and bothered where as the image of the man who's photo is in the locket she wears leaves her cold. Emma's destiny isn't what she thought it was. Fight it as she may, there isn't any arguing with destiny.

Ms Gray has penned a wonderful tale, set in America's 1800's. Full of intrigue and betrayal, the love that blossoms between Emma and Jack is gripping both in its intensity and the way they try to ignore and fight it. Emma learns that not all heroes are like they are in novels, and princes aren't always who you imagine them to be. This story races to a heart stopping conclusion, with a twist I loved.

Well worth reading.

5 Tea Cups!

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