Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Just for Jess by Cindy Spencer Pape

Just for Jess by Cindy Spencer Pape

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Immortal Cravings, Book Three

Vampire Jessamy Maitland is a classic workaholic, until her friends team up to buy her a weekend with the incredibly sexy vampire Dermott McMahon on his luxurious private island. Dermott is determined to get Jess to kick back and relax, so he’s enlisted the help of three lion shifter friends.

Jess finds herself faced with three days of no phone, no computer and four sexy, horny males, all determined to wait on her hand and foot and show her a scorching good time. Naked. Together. In ways she’s never imagined. With those odds, what’s a vampire to do? There’s nothing for it but take them up on their offer and discover that sometimes it’s okay to play.

Monica’s Review

Just for Jess by Cindy Spencer Pape is a memorizing erotic book about 1 female vampire, 1 male vampire and his 3 triplet shape shifter friends. Pape describes Jessamy Maitland as a workaholic and some of us women can comprehend that, there are times that all we do is work, work, and more work. No time to relax, have a drink, or just have some good R and R. Speaking about R and R, imagine spending your time with 1 vampire and 3 shapes shifters whom are there to bring you pleasure in every way possible, can this really be R and ?. How erotic is that! Time alone on a private island all alone, secluded from the world, no cell phone, no computer—just a vampire and his three friends. Pape introduces the one male vampire as Dermitt McMahon a great concert pianist and philanthropist. Dermitt had set his sight on Jess about three months before her friends decided to buy him as a gift for her during a bachelor auction, her wildest fantasies will come true during this erotic 3 day trip.

I highly recommend you to read this paranormal vampire, shape shifter book by Cindy Spencer Pape for an escape to an erotic private island. There is a perfect qoute in the book that makes you think about major R and R and finding love someday, "When it happens, if it happens, things might change. Meanwhile, our philosophy is to enjoy each day while it lasts." This is so life like it might be your last, enjoy, explore everything possible, even your wildest fantasies.

4 Tea Cups!

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