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Review: Dommemoir by I.G. Frederick

Dommemoir: A Novel by The Lady Genevieve, et al., as told to I.G. Frederick

Publisher: Fanny Press
Genre: BDSM Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Geneviéve, a forty-something divorcee, tries to spice up her life and get her chores done by dabbling in the BDSM lifestyle, but discovers her true nature instead. Nicolas, a bank executive, hides from his need for enslavement most of his adult life. Told in their own words, Dommemoir reveals how they defied cultural norms and suffered through numerous obstacles to find what they need despite society's condemnation.

Monica’s Review

In all my reading I have never read about BDSM and being a professional FemDom. I. G. Frederick did a wonderful job in how she expressed Lady Genevieve’s livelyhood and her view of being a FemDom before just letting the reader have it. Fredrick takes it to a different level in having a memoir of Lady Genevieve, but also a memoir of her Male Slave, Nicholas.

Frederick interpreted Slave Nicholas' memoir very well. It is very interesting to see how a person sees themselves as a slave to a woman. The Slave Nicholas experienced this lifestyle since a very young age and how he felt so comfortable with it. Slave Nicholas expresses his feelings towards Lady Genevieve and adores her to the point of being branded to show that he is property to someone. I got to see how he tried to live what a person calls a normal life but that life is not for him. There was one piece in this memoir that stuck to my mind—a quote from Slave Nicholas, "I love my Mistress, adored everything about her. In some ways, she was like a drug and I was a complete and total addict."

Frederick interpreted Lady Genevieve's memoir very well. Lady Genevieve lived her life with her husband, but like any relationship, not all of them will last. Finding her way back to the world of BDSM is something that she seems not to be able to get away from. She needs the attention at all times since her previous relationship did not give her that. Finding someone that would tend to her 24/7 to all of her needs and solely to her is what she looked for. This is something that I believe all women want—someone to love and for that other person to love them no matter what. Yes, she does take it to the next level but this is the lifestyle she chooses to live. It is very interesting since I have never known too much about the lifestyle. Here is a quote from her memoir, "a naked slave kneels on the floor in front of me, massaging and kissing my feet. I own him-mind, body, and spirit. He finds the fulfillment and contentment he seeks in life by devoting every minute to pleasing and serving me."

Slave Nicholas and Lady Genevieve's lives are not really that different of what we might call a normal life. After reading this book I have a better understanding of how they live and have a better understanding of their lifestyle. This book will make you see that there might not really be a real difference. Just one example that I will share, in the book they call it branding their property. We call this a tattoo with our significant other's name. But the only difference is that the tattoo is done with a needle and ink and branding is a hot iron rod shaped in what you would like. This book allows you to see in the  eyes of the dominant and the slave. I recommend this book if you have no idea what a FemDom lifestyle is and would want to see it through their eyes.

3 Tea Cups!


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