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Review: Fair Game Inc by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Fair Game Inc by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Fair Game, Inc. Their motto: Don’t get mad, get even! After a romance gone wrong, Amber Shaw has found a new business niche: revenge for the lovelorn. And business is booming. Until she mistakes her intended victim for his identical twin.

Prosecutor Grayson Charles is tired of listening to his brother’s romantic woes. Just when he thinks his night can’t get any worse, a red-haired, spit-fire of a woman treats him to an ice-bath—from the waist down.

Grayson vows to get even with the proprietor of Fair Game, Inc. by taking her to court. What he doesn’t expect: Amber is sentenced to a month of office assistance at his law firm.

Despite the circumstances, Amber finds herself falling for the handsome lawyer. But while working in his office, she uncovers some dark secrets. All the clues behind these disturbing revelations lead to Grayson, but she has no proof.

Is it Grayson? Or does someone harbor a more personal vendetta against her?

Mary’s Review

Amber Shaw is a good private investigator and loves her job. The thing is that she gets even instead of getting mad which has been successful so far in her life. Everything is going great until she mistakes someone for someone else of a client. Now she must work with that person and hopefully set things right. Yet each time she does she is learning new things about Grayson Charles. Amber expected a lot of things but not tenderness and love from this rich lawyer. She has been burned in the past and still has a little pain in her heart. Love is something that is for women who fantasize about it, not Amber Shaw. She’s good at her job at helping women find revenge but can she get out of her own stupidity before she loses her heart to a lawyer.

Grayson Chance hates his twin Roger at most times yet sometimes in a long while he does something good. He never thought he would be attracted to a woman like Amber Shaw who likes to play games. Burned in the past he knows a woman scorned will never forget the pain. Yet something about Amber makes him want to replace the hurt and pain with happiness and passion. Someone though wants to hurt Amber and he has no idea who it could. Could it be his twin or his long-time business partner? As a lawyer working with a person who strives on helping women getting vengeance is a weird attraction yet a great way to meet the woman of his life. Can Grayson convince his sexy private investigator that love does exist with the right person and passion?

When women get dumped they have one person to call to make sure the men who dump them never forget them and they call Amber Shaw. I loved that this woman kicks butt and has so many brilliant ideas to make men pay. Yet when it comes to her own love life she is a mess especially when it involves a man like Grayson Charles. Now talk about twins getting into hot spots for Grayson and his brother Roger are hilarious. The attraction between them is hilarious and the denial that Amber keeps telling herself was comical. Stephanie did a great job in these characters and through it all I kept wondering what will happen to Amber if the love she thinks is there is not really there. Stephanie did a great job in making you wonder what will happen. Yet the suspense of someone wanting to get rid of Amber is great to read about in this book.

3 Tea Cups!


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Congrats! Wow. 4 Tea cups. This is now on my check out list. Great work!


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