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Review: Fairy Tales Can Come True by Silver James

Fairy Tales Can Come True by Silver James

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Class of '85 Series
Going home for her 25th class reunion isn't on Alex London's radar until her assistant pulls out the fairy godmother card. News correspondent, Deke Carpenter would rather cover the nearest war than attend the reunion--yet deep down he hopes to encounter the girl who got away, Dorothy Reagan, now well-known fashion photographer, Alex London.

Alex, on the other hand, has hopes of seeing the boy she carried a torch for all these years--basketball player Marty Keegan.

In one whirlwind weekend, surrounded by the ghosts of high school past, Alex and Deke discover each other and the unwritten rule of fairy godmothers everywhere: Fairy Tales Can Come True.

Kris’ Review

Silver James writes a cute, witty, charming story about the pros and cons of attending your high school reunion, however long it has been. The two main characters are so relatable and loveable and ‘forced’ into going to the reunion against their wishes.

Alex London is a high-profile fashion photographer who works mainly out of Milan, Italy. She’s been a widow for five years but still isn’t looking for love. However, Toby, her lovable, witty assistant decides it’s his job to be her fairy godmother. The reunion is the perfect way to get her to the U.S. and help her get her groove back. He RSVPs for her and sets up a photo shoot in New York City with a modeling reality show that has been trying to get Alex to come to the states for months. He plots it so that the photo shoot will be within a week of the reunion so she has a business reason to be there, so why not go to the reunion as well. But Alex left ‘Dorothy Alexandra Reagan’ behind her sophomore year in college. To go back to her small hometown of Summerville, New York near Rochester, New York is the last thing she wants to do. She moved there with her father and step-mother and had no friends. The kids called her ‘Dizzy Dorothy Reagan’ with her “carrot-topped, freckled, and looking fresh off the farm look from Kansas”. The only highpoint of high school was when she got a camera in junior year and worked on the school newspaper.

Derek Carpenter is a journalist working out of New York City. His producer Jack sends in the RSVP on his behalf because the night before the reunion, someone from Derek’s class will be receiving the Eastman Award. Since it’s an award given for excellence in journalism, the producer has reserved a table for Derek, just in case it could be him that wins the award. Since Derek’s mom still lives there, it is the perfect set-up he can stay with her. Jack and Derek’s mom have worked everything out for him.

Derek immediately remembers ‘Dizzy Dorothy Reagan’ and hates to admit that the crush he had on her 25 years ago still remains today. He’s followed her career over the years and wonders if she’ll be there. He wouldn’t mind seeing her again. Of course back in high school she only had eyes for Marty Keegan, a basketball player. Once back in Rochester while Alex is driving around town she passes Doogan’s pub where Maggie Carpenter worked, which reminds her of Derek. She wondered if he’ll be there since he’s some hotshot news reporter.

Like in a Cinderella story, Alex wonders if she’ll find love with Marty after all these years. Derek wonders if Alex will show up and whether she’ll give him the time of day. When Derek and Alex bump into each other before the reunion, they make plans to attend the Eastman Award dinner together. They talk and Derek realizes he still wants Alex, but Alex wants Marty. How will the love triangle work out?

Well you’ll just have to read and find out. Silver James writes a cute, witty, relatable story about high school reunions. Are you better off with memories of high school? Or is it possible to go back and reconnect with the person you dreamed of back then? ‘Fairy Tales Can Come True’ earns five Tea Cups and a heat rating of 2.

5 Tea Cups!

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