Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Wild Texas Heat by Kelly Conrad

Wild Texas Heat by Kelly Conrad

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Lorraine Garvey, a beautiful but fiery Boston belle, learned that her father had been running a whorehouse he called a ‘social club’. She came out west to sell it and was welcomed by Jude Bonner and four of the dirtiest--and the sexiest--wild bunch of cowboys she had ever seen. Afraid for her virtue, she put on her chastity belt to protect herself, but promptly took it off again when she couldn’t resist their charms. So, she surrendered to countless nights of breathtaking kisses, erotic desires and dirty imaginings while surrounded by wild heat, sweaty bodies, and strong doses of cowboy sex.
When it was time to go home, she was faced with a decision. Would she go back to stiff-necked Boston and lace up her low necks and naughty imagination, or stay in this wicked, untamed country where she was born and throw away her chastity belt?

Ren’s Review

Lorraine Garvey, armed with steely determination and a useless gift from her Aunt Harriet, finds herself in the middle of the untamed West, with every intention of settling her late father’s business, The Cowboy Social Club, when she meets Jude Bonner, a rough and ready cowboy with a secret agenda of his own.

Jude has his eye on The Cowboy Social Club, wanting to claim it for his own and is not above a little deception to get what he wants. He confides in his three best friends, Shiloh, Sundog and Blaze who immediately warn him not to pull a fast one on Lorraine.

Even though there’s a basic storyline underneath, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what the other three cowboys were doing in the story. They merely provided extra eye candy for Lorraine and were not really part of it. There’s one scene that had me saying “Huh?” when Jude and Lorraine were in the throes of passion. It just did not flow for me.

Lorraine finds out the secret behind The Cowboy Social Club and it’s “manager”, Sadie. There’s intrigue and some adventure. I do have to say that Nate Love, (an actual historical figure the Wild West but written in as fictional) should have been introduced a lot earlier instead of as a side note. Lorraine and Nate’s story would have been fascinating to follow.

I truly hope that someone takes this review with less than a grain of salt and read it for him or herself.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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