Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: Fallen Star Trouble by Autumn Piper

Fallen Star Trouble by Autumn Piper

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Even a supernova can shine again.

A chance meeting between chart-topping pop star Brady and rebellious Cara--out to sow her wild oats--leads to one unforgettable night in Las Vegas. The next day, Cara runs home to family responsibility, unaware of Brady’s search for her and his slip into a steep downward spiral. Life leaves them no choice but to pick up the pieces and move on…until they meet again, nine years later.

Cara’s engaged, ready to settle into a quiet and normal life. Having Brady re-enter the scene doesn’t figure into her big picture. But Brady’s finally found what he needs to re-ignite his music career, and he’s not about to leave it behind. He’ll have to show Cara, with her help, even a supernova can shine again.

Content warning; snoopy small-towners, pestilent paparazzi, meddling relatives, second chances, and one hot rockstar.

Lena’s Review

Brady is a pop star going places, but everything happens for a reason. His reason was a woman that blew into his life like a hurricane and like a shooting star disappeared from his life. Brady has never forgotten about his Cara. Somehow in one night she gave him what he has been missing in his life, love. He knows it can’t be possible but seeing her again in his life is like a second chance for him. He's been a singer, trying to make things right but knows the only right thing in his life is Cara. One night in Vegas is all she gave him, but he knows the love and passion he felt for her is still between them. Can he convince Cara that even a has-been singer like him can change his life with the right woman?

Three words describe Cara which is loyal, responsible, and obedient. She has never done anything to shame her family or at least that they know of. No, for one night Cara let loose and gave her heart to a singer. Not just any singer, but one she thought would never leave her again. She thought Bradley was different but like every other he just wanted sex and groups of women. Yet somehow he got into her skin and now years later she still remembers the love she had for him. Engaged, she knows her fiancé is the good guy but she can’t help remember Brady and his passionate kisses. Can she continue on the engagement when her heart is already with someone else?

Autumn Piper has done it again in this enchanting tale of love with a rock star and at second chances. Brady is not like your usual pop star but a man trying to make people listen to his songs. I loved that here’s a guy who has never had love in his life but with Cara he had more than love and wants it again. Now Cara is definitely a woman that needs a little fun in her life, especially when it’s a man like Brady. Together these two were great, yet apart from one another they are both looking for their lost love. Great job, Autumn!

3 Tea Cups!


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