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Review: First Heat by Jocelyn Modo

First Heat by Jocelyn Modo

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Shifter lion Kissa Alassane has finally gone into heat and she has never been consumed by such raging lust. Too bad her lioness is demanding she mate with Venor Brun, a tortured and deadly male with a dark past.

Too bad she can’t keep her hands, lips or any other part of herself off him. They must mate three times to complete their bond. Just once can’t hurt, she figures, just once to soothe her aching need and clear her head.

When once becomes twice, Kissa flees to Austin, Texas, hoping to lose Venor and others tracking her in the big city. But a pride of rogue shifters is killing and turning humans in Austin, and Kissa finds herself thrust into a full-scale battle for survival. And while Venor may be the only male who can save her, he might be the biggest threat of all…especially to her heart.

Reader Advisory: Contains a hot f/f scene. You know…just to break up all that sizzling shifter sex.

Monica’s Review

First Heat by Jocelyn Modo is an exceptional book. I could not put this book down. There is so much passion, mistrust and just over all heat. First Heat has wonderful characters, you have Kissa Alassane who will be in her first heat and must find herself a mate. You have Venor Brun who believes she is his mate but has been lying to her. This story takes place in a small town in the outskirts of Texas, a perfect place for wolves to roam around. Modo does a wonderful twist of how Venor and his best friend have been hunting rogues who have been killing or turning humans into wolves. Modo also does a wonderful job of disguising who is the main wolf that has been doing all of the damage. Wonderful on how something this serious can hit home.

Our two main characters, Kissa Alassane is daughter to the mane mie of Oakview Pride and is a shifter lion. Modo wrote her character as very strong, but does not trust anyone. Kissa has buried certain issues that happened when she was younger just a cub that just makes her feel very uneasy. Then you have Venor Brun who is strong, ruthless, and believes that Kissa must be his mate. Venor has his own issues from when he was just turning of age becoming a man. Kissa and Venor have issues they need to resolve before they can both allow themselves to love and trust unconditionally. Jocelyn Modo did an excellent job with making her first journey of mating something that Karrisa and Venor will never forget. There are issues that even happen to us in the real world, issues with trust in relationships being deceived by a current significant other or not.

I recommend this book highly if you are into shifter books. This book will teach you not to believe everything anyone tells you or everything you may see. It has an explanation of the situation and it might not be what you think. Don't be quick to judge even though it may be in a picture. Jocelyn Modo I look forward to reading more books in the future from you.

5 Tea Cups!

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