Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Fit to be Tied by Kate Willoughby

Fit to be Tied by Kate Willoughby

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Ten years ago, Sadie thought Max was a scrawny, hopeless nerd. She even said so to his face in front of the student body.

Today, Max is still a little nerdy but in a “My, Clark Kent, what broad shoulders you have!” way. And when she ends up as his temporary house guest, she discovers a lot more about the new him. He’s amusingly fastidious, independently wealthy, and most importantly, able to make her wet with little more than a commanding stare.

There’s just one thing she still needs to find out: what the heck is behind that black door—his bedroom door—the one he asked her not to open?

Dodie’s Review

Sadie and Max knew each other in high school. By the vagaries of fate and the spitefulness of teenage girls, they didn't date each other. By an odd twist of fate, Sadie runs into Max unexpectedly one day. From that moment on Sadie decides that she wants to rekindle their romance, and sets out with that goal in mind, and will not be dissuaded from her goal. Max is surprised when Sadie pops up, and agrees to let her stay with him when she ends up without a place to stay, temporarily. Max has always viewed Sadie as the one that got away. Sadie is very determined to consumate their relationship. Eventually Max caves to her pursuasion, and some very steamy sex scenes result. As their physical relationship morphs into an emotional one, Sadie eventually discovers what's behind Max's black door.

What's behind the door is a type of BDSM play, that neither I nor Sadie had never heard of. Kate Willoughby did an excellent job initiating Sadie into the BDSM world, and helping Sadie deal with some unpleasant issues in her past. Sadie and Max forge a tight bond, and relationship built on trust, and a shared history. This is a truly lovely love story, with some steamy love scenes, and a great read.

3 Tea Cups!


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