Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castilleja

Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castilleja

Publisher: Purple Sword Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



A past she never knew, a debt never paid. Will it cost her life, and her heart?

Jessica Harden has lived her adult life raising and protecting her son. Except her surprises have been lying in wait. With the inheritance of her own business, her ordered life begins to experience the darker side of her ex-husband's history, involving secrets and money. And someone in the shadows knows about both.

Monica's Review

Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castilleja was a very suspenseful, mysterious and loving book. The characters of the book were very well thought out and how each one had an impact on each other. Jessica was a single parent to a teenage son and also trying to find her self again. Then you have Brick, the man that has come into her town to seek answers to his dilemma. Living in a small town is something a good thing but you never know truly who leaves there and why.

Jessica has learned that she has to protect herself and her son due to the past life she lived but how can you if you have no idea what has been done. How do you know when something is coming your way to seek refuge? Situations happen in this book that make you wonder can she actually ever get away from the debt that was never paid, but then again how could you have known about it. Castilleja disguises all of these lingering questions throughout the book that just make you not want to put the book down until you have completely read it all.

4 Tea Cups!

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