Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review: The Lady and the Lake by Alex Sinclair

The Lady and the Lake by Alex Sinclair

Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Nathan is the son of a very wealthy and successful businessman, who he tried to emulate by leaving home and moving into the city to make his name. At a business associate’s lake house, Nathan’s life gets more complicated and things begin to change for him, Nathan meets Miranda, the wife of his father’s business associate.

Nathan and Miranda have very dark and lonely lives, but for the first time in years they are both happy, for they have found their true soul mate. At first, just a whirlwind romance, they brave life enough to make that leap of faith and do their best to find what each has sought for a long time…true love.

Monica’s Review

The Lady and the Lake by Alex Sinclair is a beautifully written love story, you have love at first sight, cheating and keeping secrets in order for your sibling to be with the person they love. If they only knew that the other family members are experiencing the same desires and love. This is a love story with so many different people finding themselves drawn to close friends and is ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

Sinclair wrote so much passion in this story with so many amazing characters, especially the setting where two couples fall in love, but one is married.  Then you also have a father that has fallen in love with his best friend’s daughter.  This is an amazing story that just keeps you wanting more about how a six week vacation at a Lake House can change everyone’s course in their relationship.

I recommend this book to anyone. Alex Sinclair has done an amazing job in every which way possible. Just the idea of all these new relationships that are being built in a six week period is amazing.  Will all the new relationships last as they would hope?

4 Tea Cups!

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