Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Lisia's Journey by Rebecca Airies

Lisia's Journey by Rebecca Airies

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Lisia Fariel only wants to go home. She’s willing to try anything to get there. She never expected to meet a large Aridi male or to feel such a connection to anyone, much less someone so handsome, dominant and possessive.

Jarritt E’Sain’s clan has been under attack and in desperate need of help that never seems to stay long enough to do anything. Finding a female Aridi helping the United Defense Alliance gain access to the planet is surprising, but even more so is the connection he feels to her. He’s not going to let this beauty slip away from him when the tie between them is so strong.

Lisia’s determined to resist his attempts to bond them together, but Jarritt isn’t making it easy to ignore the attraction. Toss in the threat of space pirates and suddenly “complicated” takes on a whole new meaning.

Janet’s Review

Lisia’s an Aridi shifter that's just trying to get home. But she’s got a bounty on her when she refused to become someone’s pet, so she’s running from pirates and bounty hunters, and out of money. She turns to a friend of the family (Lt Comm Marsh Carson) and he’s willing to give her a hand for a favor – win a skills race on a Aridi planet that the Universe Defense Alliance - UDA is trying to help. No problem, with her shifter skills, she's certain that she’ll be safely home in a few weeks – but that’s before she runs into the Jarritt E’Sain the planet’s Shi’an (alpha). With just one sniff, he instantly knows he’s found his mate.

Lisia’s just hoping that she can get off-planet before it’s too late, but Jarritt’s very confident in his ability to “mate” with Lisia. He’s not above using her growing desire and some little known facts to bind him to her. Their love scenes were a delightful mix of “he-man/alpha”, and romantic/sensually playful.

Ms Airies has rich characters that really come alive in her books and Lisia’s Journey is one I’d highly recommend.

4 Tea Cups!

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