Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Bightmares by Tymber Dalton

Bightmares by Tymber Dalton

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Dr. Emilia Hypatia is settling into life in space with her three husbands on board the DSMC exploration vessel Tamora Bight. Spending five years with Aaron, Caph, and Ford will be no sacrifice. Despite a shared tragedy in the men’s past that nearly took Aaron’s life and left emotional scars that still haunt him to this day, Emi’s love has gone a long way toward healing and completing their lives.

A space colony distress signal calls the Tamora Bight on its first mission, and Emi is forced into a race against time. Not only to save the colonists from the mysterious disease ravaging their men, but also to save her men from an old vengeance born of their grief-filled past. When Aaron is stricken with the illness, the stakes multiply. Will she find a cure for the “rage” in time, or will all their dreams turn into inescapable nightmares?

Monica’s Review

Bightmares by Tymber Dalton is a book based in the future in outer space. The different scenes of this book take place in earth as well as on Mars where there is now civilization and wonderful things happening. In a journey that will cause more pain to the crew Aaron, Caph, and Ford, after losing their beloved one, was very difficult. Dalton explains how hard it was for them to deal with the emotional trauma and still suffering from it even though they found a new wife, Emilia.

Their love and marriage will be tested during their first mission together. Together they will endure pain, passion and happiness due to the men's past love, but most of all the thought of losing another. Emilia is put through the test of trying to find a cure for her dying husband. Dalton created these characters in a sense that each one has their own way of forming this bond to each other and how they become one. Aaron is the captain, the leader. Ford is the strong one for both Aaron and Caph, and Caph is the one that is more fragile to his emotions, and if exposed to the truth, it will kill him. They balance each other so well after being together for nearly 20 years. Emilia has grown fond of her husbands and she will do whatever it takes to protect each and every one of them.

Will she be able to sustain her test in trying to find the cure before it is too late for Aaron? Will Aaron finally confide in her his true feelings about what happened in the past with their first love? Having secrets does not work out in a relationship—they come back to haunt you no matter what. This is something that Tymber Dalton explains in this book: don't hide your feelings because they will not leave you alone until you expose them. I recommend this book to readers that love to see what the future may hold and where we might be, along with the emotions of being true to yourself.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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