Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Lovely Wicked by Kari Gregg

Lovely Wicked by Kari Gregg

Publisher: Noble Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Mitch McAllister and Liv Winslow grew up in the same squalid trailer park, turning to each other for comfort as scared kids. When they meet there again while visiting their dysfunctional families as adults, Mitch and Liv escape the ghosts of their past in sexual excess. They ultimately include Mitch's neighbor Sam Lawson in their giddy, extravagant play. It was only supposed to be sex: hot, dirty, spine-melting sex.

None of them wanted to fall in love. If life has taught Liv, Mitch and Sam anything, though, it's that we don't always get what we want. But if we're very lucky, sometimes we get exactly what we need.

Monica’s Review

Lovely Wicked by Kari Gregg brings tears to your eyes. The characters that Gregg has made for this book, Olivia and Mitch, are so perfect for each other. They come from different backgrounds but they have comforted each other since the beginning. They come from a dysfunction trailer park family and they have tried to stay away from there but due to unforeseen circumstances their families need them. There families are not perfect and any reader can relate. There is always that little something— arguing, bickering, but that is family. Olivia and Mitch wanted a family that loved them, cared for them and protected them. Will Mitch let Olivia in his heart and realize that she is willing to help him if he only can confide in her?

At one time Mitch was protecting Olivia from her own family and maybe he can open his heart to her. Kari Gregg does a great job in letting us, the reader, know how much pain was inflicted on Mitch by his family and how much damage was done to him that he has never completely given himself entirely to someone. Mitch will learn so much that will teach him that if he is not honest with the people he loves, he will lose them forever. Olivia will be there for him as long as Mitch is willing to let his feelings come out and be true to her about his past. Will Mitch ever come clean about his past and his life with his family? Will Mitch lose Olivia and Sam?

Never keep anything from your partner no matter how bad it may be, they will understand you if they truly love you. Gregg goes into detail about the pain and torture he was inflicted upon when a younger child, that kept going well after adulthood. I recommend this book, Lovely Wicked by Kari Gregg, to anyone that has suffered through emotional, physical, or psychological pain due to family problem. This book helps in seeing how talking to someone about your problems will help you be happy. It has helped me in understanding that having a friend just to hear you out is remarkable and a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

4 Tea Cups!

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