Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Midnight Secrets by Wendy Ely

Midnight Secrets by Wendy Ely

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Will Miguel’s whispered midnight promises ever see the light of day?

Content with her job as small town waitress and roll of single mom, Allison believes she's better off without a man. In her opinion, all they bring is chaos - and that includes the father of her child. So why has Miguel’s arrival shaken her so badly?

It's not easy for Allison to keep Miguel a secret with someone set on shutting down her bakery and the local sheriff believing she harbors a vendetta against the town because of her tormented past.

Keeping her secrets and clearing her name just might be harder than Allison ever imagined.

Content warning; This book contains cold family situations during the day and hot nights.

Monica’s Review

Midnight Secrets by Wendy Ely was a very interesting book. It was suspenseful in trying to figure out why people seem to think that if someone has a bad reputation when younger, that it will define them the rest of their life. For the characters, Allison and Miguel, they are from a small community that they all know each other's business. That gets irritating after a while. The author Ely really gets into the life of Allison and how an unmarried woman with 2 kids gives her a bad name, even though she has came a long way from when she was a teenager.

When Miguel comes into her life she has no idea that she is about to realize what it is to truly fall in love. Can she fault herself for that or keep it from her family for very long? But everything is not what it seems—not only with her own personal life but also in Miguel's life. We have to remember be all have skeletons in our closets but when is it safe for us to reveal them to where they hurt no one? I recommend this book Midnight Secrets by Wendy Ely because is shows readers that no matter where you live, or how you live your life, you have lots of opportunities for a happy future even if you believe you have lived a horrible life. The smallest situation may be the best thing that happens to you that makes you realize that you deserve everything and more.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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