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Review: The One that got Away by Jennifer Mueller

The One that got Away by Jennifer Mueller

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Zoe’s spending all her time cooking at a friend’s restaurant to help out. Now if only he had told her that he still was in contact with her first crush.
20 years ago, Chris Kamaka was just a 13-year-old boy she went fishing with and dreamed of incessantly, now he’s Army Intelligence and the Hawaiian man is certainly not the boy she remembered.

Kris' Review

Ms. Muller’s book ‘The One that got Away’ is a well-written, cute, charming story that both sexes can relate to. Remember that guy or girl from school that you always wanted to have the courage to ask out. If you were given a second chance at the opportunity would you take it?

Zoe Jamison moved away when she was in the eighth grade. Now she’s back home after twenty years. She’s helping her old friend David, by running his restaurant ‘Wolf Mountain Brewery and Grill.’ She’d never married, except to her work.

Chris Kamaka had liked Zoe in eighth grade but had been intimidated as hell by her. He finished school then joined the army. He’d bought the old fishing cabin that the kids had gone to on the weekends to camp and fish. He remembers Zoe as being a cool girl because she wasn’t afraid of the rain and would fish with the boys.

After thirty-six hours on a plane, returning from an army intelligence assignment, he returns home. When he stumbles into the restaurant around closing time, asking for a meal, he immediately recognizes Zoe. Chris admits that he thought about Zoe over the years. Zoe can’t believe that he had thought about her. She’d thought about him too. He was the one that she was too nervous and childish to admit she had a crush on. In eighth grade at the school dance, they both had sweaty palms.

Zoe recognizes the boy in the man he has become. Those beautiful pale blue eyes, dusky skin and those same curls she teased him about. Where the boy had been cute; the man was droolworthy. Zoe always said that Chris was the dream man that she’d cheat on her husband with if she ever got the chance. Similarly, Chris promised himself if he ever got the chance he’d say something to Zoe, as he recognizes her for the beautiful woman she has become.

But this isn’t the eighth grade, and they aren’t kids anymore. Do you believe in second changes? What happens when you bump into the one that got away? Do you take a leap of faith or do you leave the childhood memories alone?
You’ll just have to read to find out. ‘The One that got Away’ earns four Tea Cups and a heat rating of 2.

4 Tea Cups!

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