Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Damaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo

Damaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Purple Sword Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When survival is of the utmost importance, it’s best to shoot first and ask questions later, especially if you won’t like the answers.

The 22nd century is heinous and finding a comfortable life in the Levinese Galaxy grows increasingly difficult.
Emma Gardine, one of a handful of female pirate captains in this throwback Victorian society, begs, borrows, steals and cheats her way through the planetary system on the hunt for a profit. An expert of guarding her heart and keeping people out, she never shows remorse and uses people until she gets what she wants, but the hope for a normal life glimmers just beyond her reach. Then she meets Tarik Vartouth and her world splinters with new emotions and possibilities.

Tarik survived the murder of his sisters and the collapse of his laid-back existence. He’s sick of the mandatory breeding programs for genetic supremacy on Nazulara that send innocent people to death and is looking to campaign for democracy for his species. When the opportunity to befriend Emma is presented, he takes it and makes a play for her ship in order to carry out his own plot for revenge against his father—the Premier and ruler of the planet. Stakes are raised when sparks between him and Emma fly. Now their future, as well as the planet’s, hangs in the balance.

These two independent and strong-willed people must learn how to set aside their own issues in order to work together for survival and the greater good—unless they kill each other first.

Dodie's Review

Sandra Sookoo has created a whole solar system for her space pirate captain to fly through. The romance elements in this book certainly outweigh the sci-fi aspects, but I enjoyed exploring the Levinese Galaxy with the pirates aboard the Wraith Orchid.

Emma Gardine, the pirate captain, uses men like tissues and throws them away. She goes to Nazurlara and meets Tarik, and for a long time ponders doing the same thing to him. Tarik is searching for a way off Nazurlara, and takes up refuge as the newest crew member on her space ship. He is only planning on overthrowing the Nazurlara government, and seeking revenge against his father – the Premier, but what is Emma going to do when he tries to take over her ship.

I loved that the tables were turned in this book. It was a great change of pace that the touch as nails, hiding from their emotions, pirate captain was shown HER softer side by the love interest in the book. Emma has had a hard life, and has been abandoned or betrayed at every previous opportunity. She has a difficult time trusting anyone, much less men. Tarik, really is no different than other people in her life, but he is intrigued by the enigma that is Emma. I guess really, that they are both saved by the love of a good person, each other.

If you love books with strong independent females, this one is for you.

4 Tea Cups!

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