Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Beyond The Wall by Stacey Espino

Beyond The Wall by Stacey Espino

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Angelina knows all about survival. She can handle the tough city streets where crime and chaos are the norm. When she finally flees to the protected community of West Caper, she meets her match with the handsome small town cop.

Brandon is everything Angelina is not. He’s only known safety, security, and the love of his family. When he tries to bring Angelina into his world, she resists, unable to settle down and trust after living a life on the run.

The walls around the town are unable to protect the couple forever. Will Angelina’s past threaten the new happiness she’s found with Brandon? Can the secret she carries help a world set on destroying itself?

Denise’s Review

In a dystopian society in which cities are overrun with chaos and violence, Angelina Cole has long since learned how to hold her own. She’s wild and unapologetic, and on the run. When small town cop Brandon Carpenter pulls her over, she finds herself entering a world wherein people don’t always have an agenda, and unsure how to negotiate when her body isn’t rejected as currency.

I really enjoyed the unique world Ms. Espino crafted and hope she revisits it for future works. It would make an interesting series. That being said, I did find Brandon’s tendencies to will away his sense of duty—knowing how he should react, rather than how he actually reacts—a bit unbelievable, especially when Angelina’s small rebellions grew larger. However, these things were hardly enough to distract me from the book. It’s a very entertaining, engaging read, and hopefully there will be more from this universe in the future.

3 Tea Cups!


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