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Review: Requiem by Ashley M. Christman

Requiem by Ashley M. Christman

Publisher: Noble Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



For millennia, Kate, a vampire succubus, has wandered through life feeding on both the blood and sex of mortals, with an utter disregard for human life. Even that gets boring after a while. But problems don't arise until Kate meets the new “Hollywood Heartthrob,” Aidan Cross.

Aidan is human, which would normally put him on the menu, but Kate finds herself attracted to him in more ways than one and decides to wait before she kills him to see if the allure is something more than his irresistible good looks.

Jack and Kate have a very complicated relationship dating back to the fall of Rome. He's an angel, she's not. One night with her will make him fall and be damned to life in the demon ranks, and she'll become mortal.

With Aidan, she gets a chance to play human. One night with Jack and she'll actually be human, but that also means giving up everything she loves.

Monica’s Review

Requiem by Ashley M. Christman was a very intriguing book. Christman took this book to a whole different paranormal world between a human, vampires and an angel. The characters that Christman describes in the book are very twisted in a way that they believe they want something, but in time they see maybe it really was not really them.

Christman did a wonderful job in her writing about a human Aidan, vampire Kate and an angel Jack. The link between all these characters is unbelievable on how they will rely on each other to finally figure out what they want in life and how they all play a part in it. After being in love, Kate and Jack can't seem to be able to be together as much as they would like to be, but then Kate meets Aidan, and believes maybe her life will change with a human. Aidan helps Kate see a different side of life that she has never experienced and this might be what she needs to get over her own let downs in life.

Kate has lived a long life a little over 5,000 years but she has not experienced everything there is in life and maybe after that she can truly be happy. But as always, life is not that easy. She is a vampire and he is a human, how can there love last forever? Kate understands that there is limited time and then here we go again, alone. Can being in love with an angel be her solution of being happy forever, even if he is part of heaven and she is in-between heaven and hell, or will Aidan become her new everything and truly be happy the way she has always dreamed of?

I recommend this book, Requiem by Ashley M. Christman, to readers that believe that love brings certain twists into life but it is up to you to make that choice of which path to take, it might take you once or twice but you will have your happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!

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