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Review: Star Power by MJ Fredrick

Star Power by MJ Fredrick

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Going to his twenty-fifth reunion isn’t Sam Justiss’s idea. He’s an action movie hero who doesn’t need to reconnect with those who shunned him in high school. But his mother still teaches there and wants him to attend. She’s sacrificed so much for him, he can’t refuse. He drags his assistant Lorelei Dormer along.

Lorelei has been Sam’s assistant for three years, and in love with him approximately two years, eleven months and twenty-nine days. When he asks her to act as his girlfriend, hoping to deter flirty former classmates, Lorelei resists. She’s no actress and must guard her heart. But when he promises a vacation abroad for her down-on-her-luck sister, Lorelei can’t refuse. These things always end well, right?

The intimacy she’s thrust into destroys the crumbly wall she’s built around her heart. Is she willing to risk everything to tell him how she feels?

Denise’s Review

Sam Justiss is Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled into one, and he has a twenty-fifth high school reunion coming up. Along with his assistant, Lorelei Dormer, he ventures to his alma mater to visit his mother and brave through the horde of former classmates who once dubbed him Scarecrow Sam as well as the women who claim to have been his teenage romance. When Sam asks Lorelei to pose as his girlfriend to save him the awkward conversations with people he barely remembers, he doesn’t know she’s been in love with him for practically the entirety of their working relationship…but he does know he’s recently seen her in a different light, and would like to get a closer look.

Star Power is a charming story about people reconnecting with their past and admitting what they want for the future. Sam is a likeable celebrity who, up until a few months ago, changed women as often as he changed socks. Lorelei is a friend and confidant, and while she might have been in love with him throughout the duration of her employment, she has never let that interfere with work, nor does she have any delusions of being anything to Sam , even and especially not a weekend fling. I really appreciated the relationship the author established between the two leads, as well as working in the world around them. The writing is witty and engaging, and the characters felt genuine.

The entire novella was so well paced that I didn’t see the ending coming quite so quickly, and found it slightly disappointing. It was abrupt, and though it presented the realistic portrayal of where the characters were heading, it likewise sacrificed a bit of Lorelei’s character and easily dismissed the conflict she’d experienced a few paragraphs up. All in all, this isn’t a major note or flaw, but it did strike me as very hasty.

If you’re looking for rich characters with a well-developed history, this is definitely the book for you.

3 Tea Cups!


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