Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Unwrapping Amy by Emily Ryan Davis

Unwrapping Amy by Emily Ryan Davis

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A wife's dark need and a husband's deep fear threaten to destroy more than a decade of love.

Desperate to share her truth with her husband, Amy Corcoran cooks up a plot to reveal her secret desires to be dominated and exhibited. She fears her scheme has backfired when Mac responds with anger rather than lust - until she learns the two can go hand in hand.

But fear has sharp claws and Mac is almost as afraid of becoming an abuser as he is of losing Amy...and his fear only intensifies when he discovers the pleasure to be had in spanking his wife.

Monica’s Review

Unwrapping Amy by Emily Ryan-Davis is about the sexual life style that Amy Corcoran would love to have with her husband Mac. They both have issues they need to resolve in order to be able to make this work. Ryan-Davis writes the truth that it is hard in trying to tell your significant other what you want in bed, sensual or rough, or to be the dominant or be the submissive. In my opinion—communicate with your lover and don’t shy away from what you want in the bedroom. He or she may want it as badly as you do and they might be bashful to let you know.

Ryan-Davis writes about Amy and Mac and how unhappy they are in their relationship. She wants to be the submissive and she wants her husband Mac to dominate her. Ryan-Davis writes about the struggles they go through in order to finally understand each other and what are their wants from each other. After being able to understand each other they can move forward in their marriage.

This is a great book by Emily Ryan-Davis to giving anyone courage to communicate with their significant other and let them know what is not working in the bedroom and —to try something new. It could not hurt, maybe they’ll both like it. A perfect quote from the book, “If you want him to take control, you have to tell him. And tell him the truth. Give him a seed to nurture and grow.”

3 Tea Cups!


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