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Review: Bad, Bad Things by Lolita Lopez

Bad, Bad Things by Lolita Lopez

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Pretty Things, Book One

Ofelia Brandt, D-list actress and tabloid princess, needs money—and she needs it fast. Her hot mess of a sister has gotten herself in deep with some really scary people. It’s up to Ofelia to deliver the money they’re demanding on deadline, or else. With her back against the wall, Ofelia knows she has only one choice. Blackmail.

Her mark? Sexy-as-sin Russian billionaire, Sergei Alexandrov, star of a kinky sex video that Ofelia went to great lengths to steal. After a steamy encounter in his car, Sergei agrees to pay for the video…but he wants one more thing. Ofelia. For one night. Preferably naked.

There’s always a price when you do bad, bad things…

Reader Advisory: Our heroine is what you might call a “free spirit”—as demonstrated in a hot-on-hot-on-hot scene with a couple of her girlfriends.

Monica’s Review

Bad, Bad Things by Lolita Lopez—how far are you willing to help your family when it becomes a matter of life and death? That is where Ofelia finds herself in this book. All she wants to do is find a way to payoff a debt that has been created by a family member and will do anything in order for her family to be safe. After planning her way to get money from hunk Sergei, the last thing she needs is to fall in love and have her plan go down the drain.

Sergei has other intentions with Ofelia and only wants her for one night along with the kinky sex tape in exchange for the money she is requesting as her blackmail, but can he let her go? Billionaire Sergei finds himself in his own compromising situation—why not have a little fun with Ofelia and give her a taste of her own medicine, but can he go through with it and let her walk away from him? After finding herself in a compromising situation and letting her feelings get in the way, she involves her friends so she can continue with her scheme or will she back out and find another way to get the money?

Can Ofelia go through with her blackmail and save her family from the scary people that are threatening to kill them? When it comes to family your gut instinct comes alive and all you think about is them, not your own safety. That is what Lopez has written in this book—how much are you willing to risk  in order to protect someone you love?

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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