Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Boomerang by Judith Rochelle

Boomerang by Judith Rochelle

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The Protectors

When Katja "Kat" Lombardo wakes up near the dead body of her partner with a gun in her hand and no memory of what happened, she calls on the only person she trusts to help her—Zak Delaney, the lover she abandoned two years ago. Now Zak must put aside his anger toward Kat in order to find the real killers before he once again loses the woman he loves...this time for good.

Lena's Review

Someone wants Kat Lombardo to get the blame. They want her either to go to jail or dead. Either one doesn’t matter. Kat has no idea who would do this but knows that her partner is dead. All she did was go to a party and now her life is upside down. She knows only one person who could help her. The one person who not only hurt her heart but she swore she would not come running back to him. Yet Kat knows that only he can help solve this murder. Kat knows she is innocent but someone is definitely working very hard to make sure she is guilty of everything. Could it be just a murder case or is it more than that? Can Kat convince the man she still loves that they deserve a second chance?

It’s been years since he last seen her. He imagined the time he would see her so many times. This scene of Kat coming back in his home asking for help was not one of them. Zak Delaney is a man who loves hard and only once in his life. Kat was and always will be his love and he knows that no matter what happened she is innocent. Her coming into his life right now proves that she has never forgotten about him or their last time seeing one another. Someone wants her dead and won’t stop until she is. He knew years ago when she hooked up with her partner it would be disastrous. He hates being right but Kat not only makes him crazy but her beauty entices him more than ever. Can he help Kat stay alive? Can he prove to her that she can trust him in her life and in her heart?

Kat and Zak are two people who are like oil and water but when they come together it is the hottest thing you ever seen. These two are like two caged animals just waiting for something to spark their interest again. Someone is determined to see that Kat takes all the blame and Judith rocked it with her clever and devious way. The suspense and passion in this story is one that will keep your attention until the end wanting to know who is behind all the bad stuff happening in Kat’s life. Judith definitely knows how to keep a series going and this one just rocked it in an already favorite series of mine. Not only does her imagination take you into in a world where drugs and mafia are real but to the point where you are like a character in the book seeing it firsthand. Awesome job and can’t wait for more of this series.

4 Tea Cups!

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