Saturday, November 13, 2010

Runaway Mom by Edna Curry

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Widowed Lisa Bickford is overwhelmed by the demands of her deteriorating mansion and spoiled adult children who returned to the nest. A recurring nightmare and a quarrel with her children push her over the edge. She seeks refuge in her hometown where she meets high school sweetheart, Tracer Marsley, and they quickly renew their former romance.

But divorced Trace has problems too. He’s dealing with his spoiled daughter in college, his demanding ex-wife, and her doting but controlling parents. Their outrageous emphasis on opulence fuels Trace’s disdain for luxury and he goes to extremes of recycling and unnecessary economy.
Then Lisa succeeds in selling the mansion and forcing her kids to stand on their own two feet. He can’t understand her pushing her kids away when he’s trying so hard to build a relationship with his daughter.

Can their fragile new love survive these stresses and flourish?

Monica's Review

Runaway Mom by Edna Curry was such a sweet short story that made you think about your own family and troubles. The arguments that you have had with your parents, children or even your spouse. Things become life shattering when you lose your significant other and you have children together. How do you cope with everything on your own? Lisa is now a widow whom has two grown children but it seems like her walls are closing in on her and she is not appreciated. Okay this is true for a lot of people, when we feel like this we tend to shut ourselves from everything and this is not good. What else can you do but get up and leave especially if your children are grown? It is not that you don't love them but it is time to start rebuilding your life without your spouse.

Yes, Lisa feels guilty but the longer you wait the harder it will be. After going back to her home town she finds herself reuniting with her high school sweetheart, Tracer. Tracer is a professor at the local university and has a story of his own and finds himself drawn to Lisa from the moment he realizes she is back in town. He also has lived a hard life and is no longer married but it seems hard to believe that no matter what he still has buried feelings for Lisa. Can they make it work knowing their past? Can he comprehend the reason Lisa had for running away from her children and realize that she did it not only for herself but for her children. I have learned a lesson here that no matter what your mother will always be there for you but she has the right to live her own life too. See what happens in this love story between Lisa and Tracer—will they have their happily every after?

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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