Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Changing Tides by Sandra Sookoo

Changing Tides by Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Born of water.

Neadra is an Undine, a water sprite, yet the thought of being in any body of water besides her bathtub, terrifies her. In Strange Hollow, she lives on the side of the mountain, content and out of harm's way, even as she yearns to be understood for her fears and loved in spite of them.

Drawn to water.

Caelan, a water dragon from the wilds of Ireland, has been shunned by his clan for his inability to shift and terrorize. Lonely for too long, he meets Neadra one moonlit night and becomes enchanted by her kindness and her unique beauty, but how could anyone love him if he has no heroic ability whatsoever?

Threatened by water.

When late spring rains, coupled with warm temperatures, melt much of the snow pack on Mt. Mitchell, a flood sweeps through the outskirts of Strange Hollow, putting Neadra's life in danger. Caelan fights his way to get to her, pulling out the hero he never thought he could be, while she, in turn, works through her fears to find him. Only through acceptance of the world around them and of each other will they find the life they've always wanted.

Dodie's Review

Strange Hollow is a refuge for paranormal misfits. A place for them to find a safe haven and love. Caelan and Neadra are no exception. Neadra is a water sprite who can't swim, and therefore was cast out of the Undine community. Caelan is a water dragon who is unable to take his dragon form. The Strange Hollow magic begins to work on the two of them, or maybe its the fact that they are both water creatures, and like calls to like. Caelan is fascinated by Naedra, and courts her until she over comes her fears enough to let him in.

Ms. Sookoo has created characters, who despite their paranormal natures, are ones with which we can readily identify. Who hasn't felt that their differentness isolates them, and wishes for a place where they can truly belong. Strange Hollow is that place.

I haven't read any Strange Hollow books before. This is something that I'm going to rectify immediately.

4 Tea Cups!

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