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Review: Elysia's Passion by Robin Gideon

Elysia's Passion by Robin Gideon

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Elysia is a young woman trapped in servitude to a man she loathes because of her father’s debts. Desperate for freedom, when she meets Sean and Jake, two of the Old West’s most dashing rogues, she decides to risk everything and ask them for help.

Elysia only wants freedom, but what she never counted on is the seductive charm of the men who take it upon themselves to secure her freedom. They inspire laughter as easily as uninhibited desire.

Individually, they are seductive men. Collectively, they possess charm no woman could hope to resist. They inspire feelings of passionate hunger more intense than anything Elysia has ever dreamed possible. But now she must ask herself whether she’s becoming a slave to the ecstasy Jake and Sean inspire!

Wendy's Review

Elysia's Passion was a wonderful quick read. I loved how Robin wrote about how to turn a horrible lifestyle into one of love and great orgasms.

Elyisa was in a relationship not of her choice, endebted to a man who had her over a barrel. Elysia's stepfather owed Karl Schultz a lot and he gave her to him as a slave, not of servitude but as a sex slave, whenever and how ever he wanted. He never let her forget that he could make her do what he wanted or go back to her step father and get her step sisters. Elysia would do what was neccessary until the opportunity arised to escape.

Going west with Karl and his warped sex menage with other women, Elyisa never thought she would receive help from the men who Karl wanted to do business with. Their payment for helping her was a submissive to do what they wanted any way they wanted. Somehow after meeting with Sean and Jake, two banker cowboys who were more than willing to help Elysia escape the man who had a warped sexual desire.

Being submissive with Jake and Sean wasn't a horrible thing. She was more than willing to do what they wanted. Where Karl thought of only himself and his satisfication, Jake and Sean showed Elysia what a real relationship was supposed to be like and they were men enough to give her all the pleasure she sought.
I give this short story a 5 Tea Cups! The story could have been longer, but Robin wrote it out with a wonderful ending. Great job Robin.

5 Tea Cups!

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