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Review: A Fistful of Fate by Debora Dennis

A Fistful of Fate by Debora Dennis

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Would you die for love...twice?

William Montgomery, a blacksmith wrongly sentenced to death in 1806 for the murder of the woman he loved, cannot rest. His ghost is bound to Clayton Creek. For over two hundred years he’s been waiting for the soul of his true love to find him and set his soul free.

Rebecca Prescott is tormented by the recurring nightmare of her ancestor’s murder. Drawn to a two-week colonial reenactment at the scene of the ancient crime, she doesn’t count on one charming blacksmith or past life memories of an undying love to shatter her reality.

As Rebecca searches for answers from the past, William needs to win her love and earn her forgiveness to undo the witch’s curse that bound him to Clayton Creek. Can Rebecca’s soul finally reunite with her destined love or will she repeat the past and die once again for the man she loves?

Monica's Review

A Fistful of Fate by Debora Dennis is set during the reenactment of the murder of Rebecca in 1806.  It's different as it tries to figure out the true story of why Rebecca died back in 1806 by her true love William. The scenes throughout the book are amazing on how true everything feels for Rebecca in trying to find out why she seems to be having these nightmares of her ancestor. How can the man she loved murder her?

William has come back to see if he can change the fate of his beloved Rebecca but then how hard can it be make her realize that he loved her and did not mean to murder her if he did? Well, after being gone for so long William needs to understand this is not his Rebecca and the year is not 1806, things have changed and the new Rebecca has her own mind. He finds it difficult in making Rebecca understand that he loves her but understands that it needs to come from her and him not letting her know.

Rebecca keeps having her dreams of her ancestor and the murderer that took her life but there is something that is not adding up and she needs to find the truth of how exactly everything happened. Rebecca has her own life and has to now endure reenacting being in 1806—how fun. Rebecca is in the old town of where the murder happened and the town's stores and homes are still in tact. Summer time is upon them and imagine how you would feel wearing the apparel of back then, the dress, petticoat and everything else in the heat, no air conditioning, no rest room but an outhouse and no electricity.

It will be hell for her living in this town for two weeks but to her it will be easy stick to her plan of how to stop her dreams and find out why her ancestor was killed. Rebecca is surrounded by people she loves that will help her  because they love her and they want to see her happy in the future instead of constantly having these dreams that torment her. So the real question in this book is how has William come back to prove to Rebecca that he did not mean to kill her and who was the person that he was protecting her from? William must have been dealing with someone that would be able to bring him back, but whom? Will Rebecca finally find a way to confess that she loves William and he loves her or will she die all over again. Only one way for you to find out is to read this book: A Fistful of Fate by Debora Dennis! Find out William's fate and find out whom was behind everything that has kept them from their happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!

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