Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Tomorrow Cries by Debora Ryan

Tomorrow Cries by Debora Ryan

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Rhiannon’s best friend is dead. Her dreams for the future are shattered, and the love of her life is forced to abandon her to keep her safe. Losing everything was only the beginning.

For more than two hundred years, Lucien has waited for his soul mate. Though he’s now found Rhiannon, they cannot be together until Lucrezia is no longer a threat. It’s his job to keep the evil queen occupied while Rhiannon is trained to defend herself against a woman twice as powerful and full of malice.

Forced to be apart, they are joined by a potent bond that allows them to be together in dreams and memories. Pawns in a plan far more deadly than either realizes, Rhiannon and Lucien must risk everything in order to be together.

Monica's Review

Tomorrow Cries by Debora Ryan is a novel that has an amazingly powerful plot, love, lies and deceptions. This love story of Rhiannon and Lucien was captivating and they have one hell of a battle to fight to try to stay together. Rhiannon is a sharp attractive young girl that has no idea the true power she possesses and Lucien is there to try to help her figure it out, but then walks out on her. Rhiannon has a hard time in dealing with her pain when he does this to her and feels betrayed by him and who wouldn’t.

After being blood bonded and can't simply walk away from your soul mate. Rhiannon will struggle with so many emotions, pain, love, loneliness and happiness all at one time and must struggle to see who she can trust. Can the amount of training that she has done really help her in her mission and how does Lucien fit into this mission? Is he there to help her or help out the Queen?

Lucien is a vampire-hunter that is truly amazing. The sharpness of his moves are amazing as is the ability to invade her mind and be with her in her dreams or day dreams. Rhiannon has true friends that love her but there will be so many manipulations and lies that she won't know who to trust.

This is definitely one novel that will have you second guessing every step of the way!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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