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Review: Catnip by Mynxe L. Silles

Catnip by Mynxe L. Silles

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 4



A dangerous drug dubbed CatNip is about to be released on the market. Adonis Cervantes, a new leader for the ominous drug cartel has risen from the ashes to reclaim a deadly throne. New horrors are about to be unleashed on the Imatu, an already dwindling race of shifters. Courageous action must be taken if these threats are to be neutralized.

Meanwhile, Craig and Lynx, childhood friends and government operatives for COBRA find themselves embroiled in a battle they never saw coming. Their plans will be changed again when the mysterious Leo Lascaux enters the picture. Leo could very well alter everything Lynx and Craig think they know about each other and about themselves.

Will the secret world of shifters survive? Will there be a king of the jungle left when the world stops shifting? Who’ll come out on top?

Monica's Review

Cat Nip by Mynxe L. Silles is an exciting story of the shape shifters “Imatu.” The way that all the characters of this book come to a full circle is amazing. You learn a lot of the experiences and the livelyhood of the COBRA and how they truly form their own family and they take care of each other no matter what. I guess it is sort of like the saying you never leave a man behind. The past really comes back to haunt them in that they do not even except and this is what makes this book so captivating. It makes you want to keep reading more and more. You truly find yourself in this book and feel what they are experiencing in their torment.

Lynx is the only female in the COBRA team it might seem a little uncomfortable but she can handle her own. That is a good sense in knowing that a female surrounded by males in a dangerous field is able to fend for herself. There are certain situations that not even Lynx can get out of but her strength will carry her along. Craig, a childhood friend to her brother but also one that Lynx also found attractive is now very fond of her as a woman. Craig needs to make his move quickly because if not someone else has their eye on her. Craig is one that has a little past that he has to deal with and maybe after that he can maybe come into terms with the situation with Lynx. Craig is so taunting in his sexual frustrations that it makes you quiver and squirm in your seat wanting more. Leo is one that gets what he wants and does not care that he needs to go at a slow pace with Lynx. Leo has his way with Lynx in so many different ways, why is it so hard to find a man like him? Leo has a way of taking her into a different world when it comes to her sexual needs and nothing is left untouched. The heat between them is scorching hot and makes you hot and sweaty. If the exotic love making between Leo and Lyne makes you squirm and hot imagine adding Craig into the mix, you just might think you died and went to heaven.

The plot of this story has to do with a past that is about to come back to haunt them and the writing of this situation was so creative and sneaky that it just leaves you with a shock.  That is the most interesting part of the book beside the erotic scenes of loving making. There are car chases, drugs, gun fires and rescue missions, and you have no idea who will be the last person standing.
I highly recommend this book Catnip for readers that love the erotic writing of shape shifters, but not only that—the suspense of not knowing where each character’s life will end up.

4 Tea Cups!

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