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Review: Lillian's Rogues by Kris Cook

Lillian's Rogues by Kris Cook

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Though Lillian Devereaux would enjoy being back in her jeans drinking coffee at the corner café, she must do her job. Naked under the ancient robe, she walks to the cell where the Conclave’s two immortal prisoners are kept.

Reno’s new immortal life sucks. Day one, he’s captured by cult followers. When he sees Lillian entering his cell, everything about her, much more than his chains, holds him hostage.

Titus has been imprisoned by the cult for centuries. The moment he spots Lillian, primal hunger rises up inside him. Still, his ancient hate won’t go down without a fight, despite his growing desire for the new high priestess.

Lillian performs the seduction ceremony on Titus and Reno, and cravings take hold of all of them. Will the threesome let hate pull them apart or despite the evil pursuing them, will they hold on to their new love for each other?

Monica's Review

Lillian's Rogues by Kris Cook is an erotic, sensual short story of submission to two imprisoned immortals. Lillian is a human who is just about to learn who she is and what type of life she will be living after it is time for her to transform. She has been studying for her new role in life but truly does not understand exactly how this will actually impact her. Lillian meets two prisoners that have captivated her in not only a sexual interest but also as actual true lovers.

Reno and Titus are two totally different people that have different ways of thinking. Reno has no idea what he is only that he does not remember much of his past life. He feels something when he first sees Lillian and he is so sweet. Reno is one that is protective and will not let anyone hurt Lillian. Titus on the other hand is one that has been imprisoned for centuries and knows exactly what is expected from Lillian but there is something that he does not expect to feel with her—can it be true? Titus is what you would call the dominant one, the "Bad Boy" and enjoys that role and he will do anything to be able to get his hands free to explore Lillian.

Cook really did an amazing job in detailing exactly what type of immortals Lillian will be dealing with once her new life will begin. The way they are able to communicate with each other is unexpected. Lillian is able to submit herself so easily, not knowing what is to come, and to sacrifice her life for two immortals that can easily take her life. Enjoy reading this book yourself and find out how Lillian is about to get what she wants from two prisoners, but more about how can they escape from their imprisonment without being killed.

4 Tea Cups!

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Celtie said...

I love this book. It is a great addition to the FANTASTIC ETERNALLY THREE SERIES!!! Kris Cook is an amazing author who draws you into the story from the first page.


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