Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Montana Belle by Linda Morris

Montana Belle by Linda Morris

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Sent to Boston for a proper education after her mother's death, Augusta Springer loves her cultured life there, helping the headmistress and planning a teaching career. But when her brother dies unexpectedly, she is summoned home by her headstrong father and ordered to marry the only man for whom she has ever cared— Joshua Bradley.

Joshua has planned for years to win Augusta's heart. Building a life to share with her has been his ultimate goal, but she has learned to despise ranch life and all that goes with it. Can he persuade this independent woman to stay and share the dreams he has for both of them?

Wendy's Review

Montana Belle is a wonderfully written book about a woman who left Montana a girl and came back a woman.

Augusta never had nothing but bad memories for Montana and her father's ranch. The only good memory was Joshua but that was a girls infatuation.

Ten years has passed and Joshua still loved Augusta when she left he didn't have anything; ten years later he had an empire to offer Augusta. Striking a deal with her father he wanted her to marry him and fulfill his life and his fantasy in bed.

Augusta was sickened that she left what she thought was a productive life in Boston to come back to Montana. One night of passion brought Augusta to a point that Joshua may love her and the feelings of being alone disappeared in his arms. He showed her that life with him in Montana wasn't going to be what she had ten years earlier but it was going to be filled with love, honor, cherish and great sex to a man she couldn't deny any longer.

Linda Morris packed a lot of emotion and WOW factory in this short story, wow for Augusta for being woman enough to know what she wants and but willing to change her min and go for it. WOW for Joshua for never giving up on his woman and WOW for the story where the Wild West is a part of history that intrigues readers to want more. A must read.

5 Tea Cups!

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