Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Range War Bride by Lara Santiago

Range War Bride (Tasty Treats 11) by Lara Santiago

Publisher: Siren-Boookstrand
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



In a world where female infertility is the norm, two related men are legally allowed to marry one woman to produce an heir for their family property.

Brianna escapes a vile arranged marriage but is rescued by two brothers, Alex and Rafe Drakestone, on their own bride hunt for a woman to carry their child. Brianna agrees to marry Alex and Rafe, if she proves fertile. However, her stubborn and not-so-nice ex-fiancés won’t let her go without a fight and bring the local law into the mix.

And then all hell breaks loose.

Brianna harbors a horrible secret that threatens her freedom if found out. Will Alex and Rafe start a range war to keep her as their bride? And will they discard her once they learn what she’s done in the name of self-preservation? Can four men fight over one woman and settle their private war?

Yadkny’s Review

Alex and Rafe hold the biggest share of ranch land in the state if not the country, so having their pick of the litter when it comes to a wife and mother to their children should come easy, but all it brings are inexperienced, immature gold-diggers... and a headache. Rafe is tired of waiting for Alex to come to terms with the fact that they need to choose someone and now since they need an heir to their land.

Brianna is on the run literally, from an unwanted marriage proposal. She seeks what she thought was salvation on another ranchers farm, only to find herself now bound in another contract, although this one may not be completely unwanted. For her to be happy though, will mean spilling a secret better left buried, but she needs time, which she is starting to run out of.

I've seen the concept before of what our world might look like if the population whether female or male was almost completely decimated by either war or disease. In this version, it's a disease that almost wipes out the worlds human female populace. Most of those females who survived are now barren.

With this dramatic change to the worlds future generation, so to can we expect a shift in the ways males and females interact with each other. These interactions now include contracts of marriage for the sole purpose of procreation. Once the female proves fertility that is. The relationships forged lack intimacy and love, which to me is needed if a child is to be created. It's all basically a business transaction that involves lawyers. Women's rights have changed in that we're now obligated to take on two husbands and the use of any contraceptives is illegal. It's a backwards process where you start with getting pregnant and then if you're lucky find love with your partner(s). You'd think women would have the upper hand in that there aren't many of them, but they are just as disposable if proven infertile and in worse cases, be relegated to work in brothels.

Ms. Santiago's story definitely got me thinking of what a disaster this would all be and thankful for the fact that we're not currently living it. I really admired Brianna's fighting spirit and although she knows her fate dictates that she's duty-bound to participate, she still fights for rights in her contract that will allow her to stay independent and seek the kind of life she can settle for. Alex and Rafe for all intents and purposes do care for Brianna, but I can't believe that love was at all instantaneous. The sex however, reads amazingly well. This story will leave you with lots of food for thought.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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