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Review: Sackmaster by Ann Jacobs

Sackmaster by Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Book 1 in the Necessary Roughness series.

All-pro defensive end Jimmy Bronson, new to the Savannah Rebels, moved to escape memories of a disastrous marriage. A sexual Dominant who’s in no hurry to jump into another relationship, he falls in lust with an arresting female face in a magazine.

Julie Silver, the object of his obsession, happens to live in his condo building. Their connection is instantaneous and the sex is hot and wild. Quickly, they discover they share a fetish, which they decide to play out at Rebels’ Roost, the team’s exclusive BDSM club.

The perfect Master and slave ’til death do they part? Julie is not so sure. She is older than Jimmy and knows that lust comes easily when you’re young, but love requires time and compromise. Jimmy is very sure, though. Julie is perfect for him. He’s already bought her collar and a length of diamond-studded chain to lace through the rings that adorn her clit and nipples. A committed player—in sex games and life—always gets just what he wants.

Clare C's Review

Sackmaster is part of the Necessary Roughness series by Ellora’s Cave. Jimmy is a football player, a defensive end whose job it is to tackle the quarterback. In real life, he’s a Dom reeling from a disastrous marriage he leapt into at a young age. From the first, I felt bad for him. He’s the kind of Dom that keeps his playing mostly in the bedroom. He’s likeable from the first meeting, a forever-kind-of-guy.

Julie is a 35-year-old model who thinks she’s old. Jimmy is a few years younger, accentuating the issues Julie has with her age. She also has a failed marriage behind her. The backgrounds of these two made them seem like more than just characters on a page. Their depth leapt off the page, keeping me riveted for the entire novella.

My one wish would be for the story to slow down in places where it glossed over some of the action. I liked the characters so much, I wanted to spend more time with them, experiencing the first time Jimmy sees Julie’s picture in depth. Even so, this was a great read. I look forward to more by Ms. Jacobs.

4 Tea Cups!

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