Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Wild at Heart by Crystal Kauffman

Wild at Heart by Crystal Kauffman

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



What is more passionate than forbidden love?

Penny Thompson’s impending marriage to a prissy easterner she’s never met signifies the end of her idyllic freedom. A tomboy at heart, she’d rather work her family’s cattle ranch from the back of a horse than bake and sew. The thought of marrying a man she doesn’t know is bad enough, but when she meets a half-breed Indian who ignites her desire, the idea of a wedding night with a stranger she doesn’t love turns abhorrent. John Black Feather’s touch causes a storm of passion Penny fears she cannot live without.

The son of a Navajo chief and a white captive, John Black Feather has always walked between two worlds. Conceived and educated specifically to help the tribe’s relations with the spreading white world, his dalliance with Penny Thompson could ruin his father’s decades-old plan. But Penny enflames him and drives him to take foolish risks for their love…even though he knows a future with her is impossible.

Content warning: Passionate, sweaty sex in the out-of-doors.

Monica's Review

Forbidden Love….

Can arranged marriages actually work? Maybe that depends if the heart of one is willing to make it work but what if their heart belongs to someone else?

Penny is a spunky young girl with a mind of her own. She has her own ideas of what her life should be like even when she knows her brother has promised her to someone whom she does not even know. Penny has found attraction for someone else and believes that she is falling in love with him but because of his race believes their love will be forbidden. In her heart she knows what she needs to do but will she have enough courage to stand on her own two feet and demand to be heard? I liked watching how she learned that someone can fall in love the way it is described in books—the tingly feeling, the pitter patter of your heart racing. Those feelings can exist in someone when they have found true love. I enjoyed reading about her true admiration for John and her ability to see him as a man, not merely as an Indian, but someone that she hold dearly in her heart.

John believed that tricking Penny was going to be solely that but he had another thing coming. John is a half-breed, Indian and white descendent, but dear at heart. I loved how John was loyal to his tribe, his friend and to himself but above all loved and adored Penny. He brought sunlight to Penny and true experience of love but his loyalty to his friend cut his heart, his soul in half. No matter how much John wants to believe that Penny deserves the best even if that means stepping aside can he truly give up. There was a moment that where I was sure he could not turn away from her but he did and the lovely words he said to Penny had tears streaming down my face.

I lost myself in their world of how love can flourish no matter what, during an unexpected trick or maybe just love at first sight. If they are willing to trust each other and have a little faith why should their race have anything to do with each other’s feelings and whom they love?

4 Tea Cups!

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