Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: The Edge of the Woods by BL Bonita

The Edge of the Woods by BL Bonita

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Sometimes digging for the truth unleashes deadly consequences . . . .

In the remote Alberta wilderness surrounding Cold Lake, a madman wanders the provincial park. His victims are happy to share his company . . . until they suffer by his blade. Journalist Carmen James and her cameraman are there to cover the story, but as darkness falls they must fight to stay alive.

John Molloy lives a simple life in his cabin in the woods, until he stumbles upon a half-naked woman hiding in his woodshed. She's bloodied, bruised and terrified, compelling him to aide her. As Carmen mends under his care, unexpected and irresistible passion ignites between them. But The Cold Lake Butcher has plans of his own.

Can love overcome the twisted mind of a killer?

Denise’s Review

A killer is stalking tourists and locals alike in the Alberta wilderness. Journalist Carmen James and her cameraman and casual lover, Adam, are there to give Carmen one hell of a sendoff before she embarks on a new career. Their guide, Abel, might be crazy enough to be a deranged killer…and the naked man in the water basin seems, at first, creepy and aloof, and possibly homicidal.

Ms. Bonita tells a gripping story that manages to mislead, surprise, and titillate. The setting for this novella was highly captivating and succeeded in providing an ethereal, eerie feel to the story’s more suspenseful moments. Likewise, the heat between Carmen and John, and Carmen and Adam, for that matter, sizzles.

As a suspense and true-crime enthusiast, as well as a fan of whodunits, I did find several aspects of the plot to be full-on suspensions of disbelief. With a killer roaming the landscape, I wondered why Carmen and Adam didn’t come better prepared for what might face them. Also, I would advise anyone crafting a whodunit to provide a wider variety of suspects who get equal ‘screen time,’ or at least more than a scene or two.

Ms. Bonita is a very skilled author, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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