Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Appearing Nightly by Cat Grant

Appearing Nightly by Cat Grant

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Alternative Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Come back to the Icon Bar and bump into some of the guys from The First Real Thing.

You can call me Mike—or Diva Michelle on the weekends, when I perform at the Icon, a bar I own with my good friend Cameron. But just because I strut onstage in an evening gown and high heels doesn’t make me a sissy. I’ve still got a man’s body, feelings and desires. I’m also a man who knows what he wants—and that would be Ryan.

One look at our new employee, with his hot physique and boy-next-door face, and I was lost—falling hard and fast. It broke my heart each time he rejected me…until the night he finally fell into my arms, desperate for the comfort only I could provide.

Each night our passion burns up the sheets, but Ryan’s holding something back. He’s been hurt in the past, leaving him scarred both inside and out. He won’t let me reach that secret part of him. I’d be willing to give him anything, but if he can’t trust me with the pain of his past, is there hope for a future?

Ren's Review

I have a weakness for drag queens. In my opinion they are the ultimate entertainers, putting on such a show that you can’t help wishing that the party would never end. I also love a good solid story and “Appearing Nightly” fulfills both of them. This is also the sequel to “The First Real Thing” which is Cameron’s story but can this novel can be easily read as a stand alone.

Ms. Grant has infused so much into this that I am more than eager to get the first one. This is told in both Mike’s narrative and Ryan’s point of view and both of them speak with honesty and frankness.

Mike is the perfect hero for this story. He is flamboyant and full of raging emotion but can still kick your ass when the situation calls for it. He is in full control of who he is and you better have your game face on when dealing with him. He demands respect from the first page and you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Ryan is the reason why readers want to reach into the book and choke certain characters. He is a sweetheart, no doubt about it, but he is totally all over the place emotionally. This is not to say that he doesn’t have the best intentions but Ryan can be so clueless that you will find yourself alternating between yelling at him and wanting to hug him. He is in denial of who he is, what he wants and how he should go about getting it.

The tension between Mike and Ryan, Mike and Cameron and even Cameron and Mike, will have you racing through the pages to find out what happens next. In between laughing out loud and flipping back to make sure that I read a certain paragraph correctly, I found my mouth dropping open as each secret was slowly revealed.

Oh and did I say that the sex between Mike and Ryan is crazy hot? It is, trust me on this.
I simply loved it and I definitely recommend this story as a must read.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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