Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Blessing in Disguise by Tamara LeBlanc

Blessing in Disguise by Tamara LeBlanc

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



When Alex hires Ella as his son’s live-in nanny, he never intends to seduce her into his bed. But Ella’s rebellious nature and startling blue eyes are hard to resist.

Though Ella wants to keep things professional, she melts in his arms. He might help her forget the pain of her past, but can she let the sexy dad into her heart?

Monica's Review

Lies, Deceit, Politics, Laughs and Love… What more can you ask for in this lovely book, Blessing in Disguise by Tamara LeBlanc. A tragic situation can be devastating to a family but to a child it can break their heart. Eric is such an inspiration in this story that his character broke my heart in seeing how much pain has been inflicted on him. I just wanted to strangle Alex, Eric’s father, on how he just believed that he needed to stay away from his son because of his wife’s death.

Alex is an amazing father once he realizes that he needs to confront his own fears in life and Ella helped him with that. Alex is an insecure young man that needs to stand up for himself, his family and love. Loved how Ella was able to tear Alex apart and call him out on his own fears in life. Ella is charming and has a way with Eric and is able to make him laugh and smile, something a child should always do. Healing is something that does not happen overnight it takes time to heal and everyone does it differently. It takes time and determination to make love work but once you are able to overcome your fear you can conquer all.

Read this fun, sweet book that will have you in tears and laughter at the same time.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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