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Review: Caprice by Cassidy Ryan

Caprice by Cassidy Ryan

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Jennifer thought that accepting a job as PA to the owner of a high-class call-girl agency would bring some excitement to her life, but it turns out to be no more exciting than being the PA to a used car salesman. She is on the verge of quitting when the agency is contacted by reclusive artist, Mason Greene, looking to hire a girl for the week. Jennifer sees this as her chance to finally add a little spice to her humdrum life. So, she becomes Caprice, and heads off to Mason Greene's private island.

But secrets never stay secret for long. What will happen when the truth catches up with Jennifer?

Kris'  Review

Ms. Ryan writes a captivating, titillating, erotic story, in Caprice. Ms. Ryan creates two very realistic and likeable characters in Jennifer Riley and Mason Greene. By the end of the story, you feel like they are familiar friends. The story is the perfect length and well worth the read. I was in awe of Ms. Ryan’s ability to capture the powerfully erotic nature of the story, telling it through the first person point of view of Jennifer.

Jennifer Riley has always been an administrative assistant, first at a used car lot and then at a high-class call girl agency. Neither job has challenged her and she longs for something more. When a request for a girl comes in from a regular client of the agency, just as Jennifer about to take a week’s vacation, she spontaneously decides to take the job herself. She knows that it will mean the end of her career at the Vivienne Hayle’s agency but she doesn’t care. For once in her life, she wants an adventure, one that she would never be able to take on her own. She takes the job calling herself ‘Caprice’ and sets off on her way to the island, knowing there is no turning back.

Mason Greene is a semi-regular client of the agency and much sought after by the girls. He’s a recluse with his own tropical island and requests the services of the agency girls for a one-week period. Movie star gorgeous, Caprice can’t understand why he would need to use the service. She soon learns that Mason is a painter who paints the girls from the agency while they are on the island. Caprice is amazed at how Mason can capture the essence of the women in the painting. Nobody would ever know that they were call girls from the paintings; these are women worthy of brilliance on canvas.

Can she pull off being a call girl for the week or will Mason figure out she is a fraud and immediately summons Charlie to take her back to the mainland in disgrace. Afraid she will make a mistake and give herself away, she is very self-conscious at first until they start having sex. At that point, all thoughts are driven from her mind. She becomes addicted to Mason and their erotic adventure. Ms. Ryan writes some exhilarating sex scenes that leave the reader panting for breath.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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