Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Dangerous Curves by Cherie De Sues

Dangerous Curves by Cherie De Sues

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Selena Russo has won the coveted spot as a full-figured spokesmodel for the Rubenesque Romantix clothing line in Paris. When Selena starts getting hate mail, she ignores the warnings—models aren't known for their congeniality when they lose a big modeling gig. Especially a three-year, multimillion-dollar contract in the biggest ad campaign ever for curvy women.

Logan's a recent ex-Navy SEAL with a war injury, and his ex CO asks him to protect Selena while assuming the role of her photographer. When the death threats heat up with a dead pooch and bullets flying, Logan focuses hard on the sensual, violet-eyed beauty. It's Logan's pleasure to cover the body of a seductive, curvy, temptress, both in and out of the bedroom as their romance burns up the sheets.

Monica's Review

Dangerous Curves is an amazingly suspenseful book filled with plots of murder, shootings and action. This book will have you at edge of your seat on trying to figure out who is trying to hurt Selena. Selena is one hell of a woman that is not willing to give up her career just because of someone trying to over take a company that has signed her up for a three year modeling job.

Cherie De Sues centered this book on a plus size model that is graceful, sincere and loves her work. Love how Selena, during her photo shoots, can have so much fun, relax, and know how to work her sexy dangerous curves with her new sexy photographer, Logan.

Logan is hot, sexy and charismatic and knows who to handle the camera. Logan has taken interest in Selena but does he know where to cut the line between work and pleasure? Logan knows how to appreciate the curves on Selena and knows how to pleasure her in and out. I can’t believe how much he loves Selena and how just looking at her he practically melts over her. The way they act towards one another is comical, there are some scenes in this story that make you laugh but also they will make you cry. Most of all get ready for the amount of love they share with each other. Their passionate nights are so romantic and Logan caresses Selena like she is breakable and adores her. Read this book, Dangerous Curves, you will not regret it.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Rose Embyrs said...
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Cherie De Sues said...

Monica, thank you so much for the wonderful review of Dangerous Curves. I really enjoyed writing this novel!


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