Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Disenchanted Christmas by Sandra Sookoo

Disenchanted Christmas by Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Christmas in 1899 starts as a joyless affair. Bethany Cundiff has hit a rough patch in life. While caring for her young niece and nephew, she’s evicted from her residence and fired from her job ten days before Christmas. To make matters worse, a gentleman who desires her company for the holiday, and has the money to back up the promise, propositions her for sex.

Blake Wenchal is a disenchanted elf that’s been banished from the Northern Realm and Santa’s court because he’s lost the spirit of compassion and charity. Lonely from years spent by himself, he’s thrown off balance when Bethany accepts his ill-advised offer of paid bed mate—except she arrives on his doorstep with children in tow.

Neither one counted on the power of love, acceptance and the miracle of family to make the holiday unforgettable.

Clare's Review

What starts out as a business arrangement has unexpected consequences for both Bethany and Blake in this far from disenchanting Christmas story. Bethany is raising her orphaned niece and nephew. Blake is an elf thrown out of the Northern Realm until he can mend his ways.

Full of miracles, good cheer and plenty of love to go around, this short Christmas story is not one to be missed!

4 Tea Cups!

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