Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Gambling with Love by Kaye Spencer

Gambling with Love by Kaye Spencer

Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Gambler Lainie Conrad wants revenge. Marshal Nick Foster is duty bound to arrest her. Her choice is clear. She loves him, so she shoots him...twice.

Lena's Review

The Lady of Cards is a woman bent on vengeance. She has set her mind to never fall in love again but only to live on finding a killer. The Lady of Cards is definitely determined to not fall for any man especially a lawman set to arrest her. So it comes as a surprise that Nick Foster has found his woman. Yet seeing her again he knows that the Lady of Cards will not come willingly. No, Lainie Conrad is more than just the Lady of Cards but a passionate, feisty and adventurous woman turning his life upside down. Every time he is near her she has a tendency of shooting him. It’s not on purpose, well in a way but every time he is near her she forgets her mission. Lainie is determined to see the man who killed her husband brought to justice. She needs just one day to out best the killer and the whole game will be over. Lainie knows her time is running out but she cannot let a man like Nick Foster distract her from getting her vengeance. Can she outwit the killer? Will she willingly to go to Nick when the game is over?

U.S. Marshall Nick Foster has finally found his criminal. He has searched for her in every little gambling town possible. Yet he never expected Lainie Conrad to come peacefully, it’s not in her nature. Hope is what he needs right now for this one woman who is feisty, reckless and dang good with a derringer. Every time he finally gets her she shoots him. Not a good way to a courtship but Nick is determined to protect her at any cost. He doesn’t know why a beautiful and passionate woman like her can be called a killer but she is not that for sure. Just when he thinks he has her she outwits him again. Can Nick go over again the chase with her or will he turn her in to the killer?

Gambling with Love definitely is one of this reviewer’s favorite of the month book. I loved that Lainie Conrad is a woman who is not dainty, fragile but brave, passionate and has a wild streak in her. Now Nick may be a lawman but he is one who goes by the book yet with Lainie he has doubts. These two were awesome and loved that the game was set from the beginning till the end. The sexual chemistry was hotter than ever and man talk about chasing the prey for these two was great at the chase wherever it led them. Great job and can’t wait for more from this talented author

4 Tea Cups!

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