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Review: Hat Trick by Cerise DeLand

Hat Trick by Cerise DeLand

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Fit, fab and forty-five, Belle Sterling chomps at the bit to accept the Cougar Challenge. But finding a younger man in her one-horse Texas town is one giant problem—until two scrumptious men stroll into her office.

Gage Wagner and Trey Sandoval have been best buddies since college and know how to share…everything. When they meet luscious Belle, they know she needs the good lovin’ two men can provide…together.

Belle’s a regular gal and putting two men in her saddle seems like a dream. Then she tries it. More than once.

Monica's Review

Does age really matter...

Very interesting on how Belle is somewhat focused on her age and being with a younger man, but does age matter nowadays? I'm sorry but if a man does not dwell on his age and being with a younger woman, why should a woman? Yes I understand that a woman is very self conscientious but live a little and have fun. Yes it is somewhat considered immoral or scandalous but we have to remember the year we are currently living in. Age should never matter as long as you are both consulting adults and enjoy each others company.

Belle is a 45 year old woman who is in the prime of her life and wants to be able to love someone that will return that love. I love how she is able to express herself in the work that she does and how she is able to let loose when she learns that she needs to follow her heart. Belle has these two men that are willing to give her everything but if she is not able to get over her fear of age she is truly never going to be happy. Belle has a huge heart that is able to love Gage and Trey with every ounce of it but fear of what people think can ruin everything. Belle is an everyday woman that is capable of anything and everything that she sets her mind too.

The steamy romance between these three individuals is so hot that you feel that your body is melting. All throughout the story Bella is torn between age and love, happiness but after relying on some of her pen pals she can maybe overcome her insecurities of age difference but there is only one person standing in her way of true happiness. Read this story and see the story of this cougar unravel and experience the romance between these three wonderful characters in Hat Trick.

3 Tea Cups!


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