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Review: One Second Chance by Lillith Payne

One Second Chance by Lillith Payne

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



One night of sexual abandon altered Remy's life. Years later, she's an evolved, confident woman, content with her new home and surroundings.

Gage relocated his boat building business, hoping the change would let him forget the woman he let get away. Finding each other so near, they will have to rethink their projected futures.

Destined for a second chance at love, they're both leery, understanding fairy tale romances aren't grounded in reality. Their rekindled relationship seems perfect until a devastating accident tests their resolve. Can they survive together, or are they destined to fail a second time? Accepting defeat is easy, fighting for what you truly believe in is tougher than either imagined.

Monica's Review

One Second Chance by Lillith Payne is an amazing story of two people whom basically fell in love on their first encounter and could have a chance to rekindle their love if they can find a way just to live life and see where it takes them. Payne wrote this story in a way that the reader could experience the way the two characters were able to get to know each other, since their first encounter lead them straight to bed. The way they dated and explored each other and the sexual tension was there for both of the characters but they did not encounter that part until the time was right. How they were able to bond with each other, family and even friends without being intimate was amazing. Yes, still just their thoughts or even the way they caressed each other brought tension to my stomach but it was worth every minute of reading after they were able to finally profess that they loved each other. The only problem is that they both have something to hide and if they do not make it a point to talk about it, it can be the end to a terrific relationship.

Remi is an amazing woman that has come a long way from where she started. I love how her character is so loving and especially in helping others but also the community. Growing up was not easy for Remi but no matter what she found a way to survive. She doubts herself a lot in the book but at the end she manages to gather herself up and take the plunge, but at the end she still might end up with a broken heart.

Gage is something else he seems so care free but deep down he has lots of fear built up in him that he still does not realize. He seems to have all the answers of how he would like his life to be but to what extent is he willing to go and will he be able to handle what is coming his way? Gage knows that he is in love with Remi but seems to move aside and let her decide or dictate where their relationship will go. That is amazing how Gage puts her feeling first no matter what and is willing to wait forever for her as long as he gets to have her in his life forever. One day will change the world for him as he knew it and if he does not clear his mind of anger he might loose his one true love.

Read this amazing book and enjoy the courtship of Remi and Gage and explore how they fell in love and see if this can last forever.

5 Tea Cups!

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