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Review: Only One Love by Marilyn Lee

Only One Love by Marilyn Lee

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Long Line of Love, Book Three

Peyton Grayhawk has spent his entire life feeling as if he’d lost the only woman he can ever love. He can’t quite remember her, or the previous life they shared, but he’s certain they’ll meet again. In the meantime, Peyton has other problems. His quasi-little brother, Cameron, is involved with a woman seventeen years his senior. Peyton’s determined to extricate Cameron from her sexual clutches. His decision to seduce the woman will stir long-dormant memories and send his entire family into crisis mode.

Despite her torrid, highly enjoyable physical relationship with Cameron Graydove, Avantae Sovern feels a need to end their affair so Cam can meet someone his own age—and she can be free to find the love of her life. She knows her long-lost love is somewhere out there, waiting…

One look at Peyton Grayhawk and Avantae knows he’s the one. The couple has spent an eternity waiting for another chance at happiness. But by loving Avantae, Peyton has broken a Grayhawk cardinal rule that could force him to choose between family—or his one true love.

Dodie's Review
Peyton is the perfect dream male. He meets all the physical requirements: tall, handsome, built, exotic. He meets all the emotional requirements as well. He's loyal to his family, makes lasting commitments, self sufficient. Avantae is a beautiful, creative, strong woman. She's a perfect fit for Peyton. So what's the problem? She's Peyton's brother's girlfriend. Avantae is in an enjoyable relationship with Cameron, but she feels like she's missing something, or someone. She has flashes of an earlier life, and earlier love, and Cameron isn't the right person for her. Peyton is convinced that the woman with Cameron is too old for him, and must be taking advantage of him. The longer he's around Avantae he begins to have flashes of his earlier life, much to his chagrin, with her. Peyton that and Avantae were in a strong relationship in a previous life, but that relationship ended horribly, and they've spent centuries trying to find each other again.

Most of this book really worked for me. I enjoyed the way Marilyn Lee had Avantae and Peyton remember their previous life together. I enjoyed Peyton's commitment to his family, and their dedication to fixing any emotional difficulties with Cameron, so that their family can be strong in the end. I enjoyed the fact that while I had not read the other two books in this series that did not take away from this one. In fact, it made me want to read the others. I did not enjoy some of the choices that Marilyn Lee made at the end with the revelations of their previous life; however, my disagreement with the ending did not keep me from enjoying the story as a whole. You can't please all the people all the time, right? Even though I didn't like it, it was well written, engaging, and I can understand why the author made the decisions she did. Read the story, and let me know what you thought of the ending.

4 Tea Cups!

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