Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: Modern Day Hero by Jenna Lee

Modern Day Hero by Jenna Lee

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Ashley O'Connor wants her life back to normal. Ever since she found out her former boyfriend Antonio Perez is a criminal, nothing has been okay. Antonio is convinced Ashley has his disc--one that could put him away for life, and Ashley needs to find it before someone ends up dead.

Hero Flannigan is out to stop Antonio Perez and he'll quit at nothing, including using Perez's likely guilty, but beautiful ex-girlfriend Ashley, to get what he wants.

Along the way, Ashley and Hero both learn that appearances can be deceiving.

Lena's Review

Ashley O’ Connor just wants one thing in life and that is to survive. She knew ever since she met Antonio Perez her life will never be the same. Yet she never expected she would need protection. Hero Flannigan is his name and he is not like any other man she has met. For the first time with Hero she feels safe and cherished. She has no idea how she is going to go on with her life without Hero but knows she cannot go another day without his kisses. Just when she thinks she is the only one Antonio needs another loved one in her life gets in involved. Now Ashley must decide whether to sacrifice her life or lose her real time hero for good?

Hero Flannigan knows the whole scheme of Ashley is wrong. Ashley O’ Connor can no way be a criminal. Yet when he got this job he swore he would not let his heart get in the way but somehow Ashley has gotten to him. His work has always been his life and always into his work. Lately though he wants something different in his life and that involves now Ashley. All his life he has been taught to find the right in the wrong in people so he knows Ashley can never be a criminal. Can he protect her before Antonio finds her? Can he tell her his real identity before she finds out the truth some other way?

Modern Day Hero is definitely one by Jenna Lee that is one work of suspense and action all in one that will blow you away. I loved the way that Hero and Ashley clicked instantly in this book. Right off you can tell Hero is the right man for her in every way. The suspense in Antonio almost getting Ashley was one definitely worth reading. Here is a man who won’t stop until he gets Ashley yet she has one great guy there to protect her. The passion between them is hot yet worth the wait when they finally combust together. Great job, Jenna!

3 Tea Cups!


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